Crazy Quilt Blocks & Railroad Finds

Last Saturday the weather was pretty nice (unlike yesterday) so we packed up the cooler and headed north towards Pyramid Lake.

I dropped off my husband at the southern junction of old Western Pacific RR (now the UPRR) tracks and the Smoke Creek Desert…he rode his bike towards Wendell and I followed along the rr/pole-line road in the truck.

I stopped for lots of pictures ~

At one of the sitings we found a lot of rail that was thrown over on the south side of the tracks…looked like they were working a while there. We decided to take the smaller of the track…a bit over 2′ long…let’s just say that we both have bruised legs and one sore foot. It’s hard to carry up and over the tracks, had to have been over 100 pounds.

It’s now sitting in our front yard, along with a railroad tie we found in another ditch.

I found a wooden piece that used to be on the poles that held insulators ~


Here are the four of the ten crazy quilt blocks that I’ve added fancy stitching and embroidered flowers to. Hopefully I’ll get these all done in time to put the quilt together.

We decided on 12″ blocks ~ but I made mine 13″ so I can square off to size. That is why the ribbon on the one block doesn’t go all the way across the fabric.

4 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt Blocks & Railroad Finds

  1. Hey you, you are making mine look very, very plain as I used the fancy stiches on my sewing maching. Oh well, yours are looking great! No, fantastic.
    Love Mom

  2. Michelle, can we see your Mom’s blocks? I bet hers are pretty, too. (Saying Hi to Michelle’s Mom. I love reading your comments on her blog.)

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