Saturday at Virginia City for the Mountain Oyster Fry

Last Saturday we headed south through Washoe Valley via Franktown Road then down to Carson City to go to an estate sale…then up to Virginia City, our final destination, for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Nutfest.

This is an event that my husband loves…I, on the other hand, do not. 🙂 Icky nuts. LOL! So I go up to take pictures and stand in the long lines to buy them for my husband while he’s standing in another line. And there were REALLY LOOOOONG lines this year….lots of people up there. Must of been because of the St. Patrick’s Day parade that was being held the same day.

While walking to the Bucket of Blood’s parking lot (where the nutfest is held every year) I saw this very cool Irish Harley Davidson!

Wouldn’t doubt that this may have been the owner of the Harley! LOL!

KOLO TV news guy interviewing an owner of one of the nut booths ~

I’m pretty sure these were the public’s “favorite” nuts ~ these are the ones that put a garlic butter topping onto them…the line was wrapped around the whole place.

Goofy husband waiting in line ~

8 thoughts on “Saturday at Virginia City for the Mountain Oyster Fry

  1. I think I can smell it from Down Here – YUCK !!!
    Don’t you folk have any proper food to eat?

    That man with the green beard reminded me of the young lady who coloured the hair under her bikini that way and added the words “Keep Off the Grass”. She was admitted to hospital for an emergency appendectomy and awoke after the operation to find the surgeon had added a few words of his own… “Sorry luv, had to mow the lawn.”

    Anyway, back to Virginia City and you starving folk (for you surely must be starving to dive that low down the food chain)… on St Patrick’s Day you should be eating Kiwi fruit. The perfect colour and so much nicer as well.

  2. Now…this is coming from someone who does NOT like Mountain Oysters…BUT, there is soooo much garlic and other nice smells that it’s not icky smelling up there! :p

    But I agree with Kiwi, must have been one hungry person to slice into a nutsack and start eating it. Bleck.

  3. I can say that I tried it once…about 5 years ago.

    With enough beer and garlic and swallowing it down whole, it wasn’t too bad.

    I did brush my teeth longer and gargled with mouthwash a couple of times that night.

  4. I know when I think of oysters, I immediately think of a coastal town like VC. ;-P

    Someday we will have to go to the Oyster and Guinness festival in Ireland. 😀

    That Harley is TOO cool!

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