I Didn’t Kill My Grandma’s PEONIES ~ and Other Wednesday Ramblings

I’m all ah-giddy today! Yesterday evening I was out in my front yard checking on all the plants when I came to the spot where I planted two of my Grandma’s peony plants. They were transplanted all the way from Lynch, NE to Sparks, NV (mom’s house)…then two of them came to my house last year. I thought for sure I killed them…

But lookie at what is peeking out of the ground!!!!!!!

Blaze made a comment about the rhubarb plants…I planted two of them last year (from a UNCE plant sale) and one more from Lowes this year. First two pictures are of the new growth from the plant sale and the last picture is of the new plant. Hopefully I’ll be able to harvest rhubarb this year!

Some pictures of the Heather I planted…these are the ones the bees LOVE ~ plant some of these guys around your veggies! I have mine next to where I’ll be planting blueberries.

And for the other Wednesday Rambles ~ BOOKS! I have three new books that came in the mail yesterday! I bought all three from the Crafter’s Choice Book Club.




6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Kill My Grandma’s PEONIES ~ and Other Wednesday Ramblings

  1. The plants look lovely! All we have at the moment are little green shoots from the daffodils that will hopefully bloom soon (and not with an inch of ice hanging off of them lol).


  2. I used to LOVE rhubarb as a child. We had them growing in the back yard. I would walk around with salt in my palm eating them. Are you going to make pies?

    Tell me… why do you want bees in your garden? I hate bees since they hate me. 😀

  3. I want bees in my garden…pollenate wee ones! Besides, bees are dying out and we need to help them survive.

    Glad to hear peonies are hard to kill off…

    Here’s hopping Michigan springs into spring sometime soon for you Penny!

  4. When I was a kid, a neighbor’s rhubarb leaves grew so big we could hide under them when we were playing hide and go seek. Way back then no one had their back or front yards fenced and go one got mad at us as we ran thru the back yards to hide! Too bad kids can’t just be kids anymore.

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