Scrub Jays Looking for Goobers

I like the scrub jays in my yard…they’re pretty funny and very handsome birds. Just a few pictures that were taken on Saturday, 21 March 2009…I had just thrown out some peanuts for them.

On the Faerie House.

On the Faerie House.

Jay in the Weeping Cherry.

Jay in the Weeping Cherry.

Scrub Jay ~ 3/21/09

Scrub Jay ~ 3/21/09


About sleepycathollow

I'm Michelle and live in Northern Nevada ~ beautiful mix of high desert and the Sierra.
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3 Responses to Scrub Jays Looking for Goobers

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for coming by my little space in the wide world of blogging.
    I so wish we had beautiful birds like this in my state.
    I was checking out your shop and guess what I just finished, soap.
    Lavender/Patchouli was the sent of the day.
    I panic every time I get to the “”must decide if it’s ready to pour”.
    I am always afraid I have over mixed or under mixed.
    My family never complains and even uses the messed up batches.
    I hope you have a great day and I’ll be back to visit, you do the same.

  2. Melinda says:

    Those are such cool pics!

  3. Karen says:

    Oh, I love these pictures!!!!!! So pretty.

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