Singer Sewing Machine ~ 1951 (Model 99-13K) ~ She’s BEAUTIFUL!

Note: You can find a link on how to thread this type of machine down in the comment section.

I picked up a 1951 Singer Sewing Machine with a wooden domed case at a local auction house over the weekend. I didn’t think I won as I never received an email (I put online bids on things, and then never win anything)…until they called me on Monday afternoon.

This is what I picked up yesterday at lunch time. She’s beauitful! I can’t wait to make a quilt with her. She’s at my mom’s house getting cleaned up and oiled. We tried the motor out and it works wonderfully.

After some research this morning I found out she was built in the Kilbowie Factory, Clydebank, Scotland. Machine Class (Model No.) is 99-13 (this lady goes forward only, no turning back! 🙂 ) ~ She was born on February 22, 1951.

1951 Singer Sewing Machine

1951 Singer Sewing Machine

She weighs about 50 pounds…definitely NOT a Featherweight (which I’m still on the look out for).

Back-side of Singer

Back-side of Singer

The case is in great shape ~ just need to get the auction house sticker off and rub it with some wood oil.

Wooden Singer Case

Wooden Singer Case




33 thoughts on “Singer Sewing Machine ~ 1951 (Model 99-13K) ~ She’s BEAUTIFUL!

  1. I am SO excited for your find! There is nothing like those old Singers. You’ll have many happy hours together. 🙂

  2. What a great find! She looks great! I just purchased a featherweight about a month ago on Etsy. I’ve been cleaning her up, 1952 model, and she runs, but I haven’t had a chance to sew with her yet.

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. Reminds me of the one my grandmother had. Such pieces of artwork they are! I had a sewing machine that had the sewing table attached to it, but gave it away. There are moments when I kick myself for that one lol!


  4. Beutiful singer. Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to style. You just don’t seen things made like that anymore.

  5. I just bought one like yours this afternoon. I think mines a 1928 model. Great running machine, good looking too! They seemed to have been able to combine both form AND function into machines back then.

    I hope to use it to make a quilt with a friend of mine. Will the inability to reverse be much of a problem?

    Jeremy Stone

  6. That is a great machine. I thought the 99 model was a lot lighter than 50 lbs! Best of luck to you in your sewing endeavors.

  7. I just bought one at a garage sale for $15 – all attachments and the cover is in great shape. Needs a little scratch cover but it runs well! Love the comments. I was going to resell it, but after reading your notes, I think I might just keep it! How do I find the “birth date?”

  8. Your blog is great! I just “inherited” one exactly like yours this morning! I’m so excited. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I have just recently inherited this same sewing machine from my great grandmother, whom i was very close with. after looking up the serial number i found that it was manufactured around February 8, 1951. it still works and i am trying to use it, but am having a difficult time figuring out how to thread it correctly. i feel that maybe i am missing a step, and was wondering if anyone knows how to correctly thread this machine? all of the mechanism are exactly the same on this one as on mine. any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  10. I have just purchased a singer 99-13 for 25.00 and I am so excited. It is in great shape but the bobbin winder didn’t wind either. I have taken it to trusted sewing dealer and he said that the bobbin mechinism has gottem gummed up and needed cleaning. I hope that fixes the situation. Does anyone use this for quilting? I can’t decide if I still need to pick up a featherweight(which I can’t afford) or putting a singer 301 on layaway. I can get one for approx. 125.00 but I am too poor for that now. Please let me know if I should bother. Thanks

  11. I just bought your 99’s older sister for $25. She’s a Clydebank too! EE605725. Motor runs nice and quiet, haven’t had a chance to run fabric thru her yet. Only attachment left was the seam guide. The bent wood case it in beautiful shape. The machine body and decals are quite nice. I have the key to the case but the lock mechanism is a little messed up. Maybe a dot of oil will free it.

    I have 2 221’s, a 1938 (probably selling) and a 1952.

  12. We just bought a beautiful 99-13 today. It doesn’t have the foot pedal it has the knee lever. It has the Century trademark (blue and gold versus the complete gold of yours). It works beautifully. Not only that but it came with all of it’s accessories. It has the lubricting oil in its original tube, needles in the original packs, the little screw driver with the name on it. Absolutely amazing and we found it in a second hand store and paid only $75 for it. It is in absolute mint condition. Can’t wait to begin sewing on it. Oh by the way I live in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

  13. I just discovered your blog as I was researching my new (old) Singer that I purchased at an auction last night.
    I have a 99-13 Singer made in 1931. (Thanks for the links to the resources to help me discover this!)
    I am in need of a knee lever. It has everything intact but that.
    I need the one with the round end.
    Just wanted to put it out there in case anyone knows where I could find one. I check Ebay, but they only had one with a flat end.
    I love your blog!
    Thanks for any input you may have! : )

  14. Thank you! I am hopeful that I will be able to find one!
    I hope you don’t mind, but I posted the Singer website with the dates on my little blog and listed your blog as to where I found this valuable information!!
    Thanks again! : )

  15. Hi I have just inherited a 99 model hand driven, born on 28th November 1939, and I wondered if I can convert it to use a treadle, any info much appreciated. I am in the UK.

  16. I just bought a 99-13 off kijiji (like Craig’s list) for $100. It came in a charming little cabinet. I refinished a Featherweight last winter, so feel like I might be able to tackle this one. It’s definitely much heavier than a Featherweight. So far I can see that it needs a new electrical cord, possibly a new belt too. But really I think it just needs to be cleaned and lubed. I enjoyed the information I read on this blog! Thanks.

  17. I have one of these, it is in good shape and works. I got it when my mother died. I am still looking for information on attachments that I got with it, I do not know if they go with this or not. Also the case is good.

  18. My sister sent me this singer website where you can enter the serial# of your machine and print (or download pdf) a certificate which has the issue date, howerver it does not include the model number. It is on singers 160th anniversary site. You can also share your story about your singer sewing machines ….

    Exerpt from site …..
    1810 Stories (and counting!)
    Share Your SINGER® Story
    For the past 160 years, SINGER® has held special memories in the minds of millions of sewers worldwide. Share your SINGER® story and become a part of history and our celebration. Plus, you’ll be entered for the chance to WIN The SINGER 160™ Limited Edition Sewing Machine.

  19. A good find, she’s a nice machine. You’re lucky to have some of her toys as well. I have my grandmother’s one which was born on 27 January 1936 and is still beautiful. For her birthday, I’m going to have her serviced and safety checked as it is probably 25 years since she has been used. I then have plans of maybe using her for special projects – used gentle, I have a modern Husqvarna for the workhorse chores. Gran’s 99 always had a beautiful neat stitch and hope to enjoy her and remember another dear old lady).

    Enjoy your lady.

  20. My neighbor and I just purchased a Singer very similar to yours. How do I find the model number.. I can only find the serial number and the website isnt helping much. I did find out the year issued is 1951, but thats all I can find out, Please help. Im not sure how to thread it and I’m really excited to start using it!

  21. I have one that was given to me years ago. ED 699857. I sewed with it today. I will convert it to standard American current. It is so pretty and is in very good condition.

  22. I saw a Singer wooden case , but the machine was not there , also “no” key and the lock was in locked position which kept the top from closing …the asking was $25.00.
    I did not know if that is too much, so I asked if they would take a little less and they said “no”, so I did not buy it.
    Is their price too high?
    Or am I out of touch?

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