Take Me Out to the Ball Game ~ Reno Aces ~ 19 April 2009

Since Opening Day game of the Reno Aces soldout before I could buy tickets, I bought tickets to Sunday’s day game…while it wasn’t a soldout crowd it was pretty dang close.

I haven’t been to a major league game in a long time. We used to always go to Dodger Stadium, and when we moved up here I’ve been to a few A’s games when the Twinkies came to town (we’d buy the cheap seats so I could harass Canseco and cheer Puckett)…SO I WAS VERY EXCITED for my first Minor League game!

The ballpark is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! They did a great job. There isn’t a parking garage for the ballpark so you have to park on the street or go to the casinos (which is probably what the casinos wanted anyhoo)…we got there at 11:30 am to find parking for the 1 pm game. We found parking about 3 blocks away, it was a short walk…and then we waited in line until a little bit after noon when they opened up the gates.


Free programs and a schedule magnet were given out at the gate. Never did make it into the Aces Shop…the lines were longer than the beer & hotdog line. Note…if you just want to grab a hotdog and not stand in line go over to the “Party” Corners…there is a hotdog stand. πŸ™‚ Beers are $7 each…way too much, but if you don’t drink you can bring in unopened plastic bottles of water.

Also, if you are over in the General Admission grass berm…you can bring low beach chairs to sit on. But after being there on a day game…in the sun…with no shade until 4pm (on 3rd base side)…I’m never gonna sit over on the grass berm (no shade whatsoever). I had the 70 SPF on (and I don’t even like sunscreen all that much). THIRD BASE LINE IS THE PLACE TO BE!

We lost 4-5…but WHAT A THRILL OF A GAME! 11 Innings! Thanks Guys for a great afternoon. I already have my Fourth of July tickets. We’d like to get tickets for every team that comes to visit. Following are some pictures of the game and Archie…the team’s something or other…and the very cool singing baseball head that sings Take Me Out To The Ball Game during the 7th Inning Stretch (that was pretty funny).





I love, Love, loooooveeee catchers…everything about ’em! Big sigh.







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