Crazy Quilt Top…Soon to be Birthday Gift

Took yesterday off to spend the day at my mom’s so we could get the crazy quilt blocks together. I still had to finish hand embroidering on two blocks while my mom started sewing the blocks.

Unfortunetely, it looks like we have some sideway blocks. I’m not sure if I want to pick the thing apart or just leave them. You think it will be a big deal? Leave the top as is…or pick apart and put them upright? Never mind….I’ve decided to leave be. 🙂 More character, right?!

Her birthday is the 30th of May! And I still have to figure out the backing, sandwich, and start quilting! ACK!




6 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt Top…Soon to be Birthday Gift

  1. What do you mean sideways blocks—aren’t they all going different directions ?? Me thinks you worked to hard yesterday for a day off…lol I think it looks just fine with all the scraps from Nathan’s, Hannah’s, Colleen’s, yours and my clothes and quilts..some of them were over 20 years old. I think I have become my Mom regarding hanging on to scrapes that might someday be put to good use.
    Love Mom

  2. No…there are sideways blocks. Merlin is sideways, the wee cross-stitched lace is sideways…I think what we did was sewed the last piece on the bottom instead of to the left side.

    But it stays put! Everyone that has looked at it today at work likes it just as is!


  3. I like it. You’ll need to post pics when it is completely finished. I can’t imagine what kind of border you would put around it, so you’ll have to show us. 😀

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