More Pictures Today…

Taking a break from paper work to post some more pictures this afternoon.

Not sure if any of you are in the Great Sunflower Bee Project where you take a half-hour block and count how many bees visit your flowers…well, shoot…I have hundreds of bees that visit ALL FLIPPING DAY. I have honey bees, mason bees, and some wee bee (at least I think they’re bees) that visit my lavender, sunflowers, coreopsis, delphiniums. I should go document them I guess.


june14 014

Here is a white striped bee (?) with green eyes…it’s not fuzzy like another one I saw with the same colors.


And here is the wee bee, it really is 1/2 the size of the honey bee.


And FLUTTERBYS! We lots of flutterbys visiting the lavender right now…here is one of the Swallowtails that visited over the weekend.


The hollyhocks are very pretty now!


Coneflowers are starting to bloom too…


It’s Just CRAZY Around Here…

End of the Fiscal Year is 30 June 2009. I’ve lots of new contracts/pafs to generate for everyone and in an hour will have to walk on down to the “Joe” for a Classified Furlough Session. I’m the leave keeper too, so everyone is asking me questions. Have to figure out the answers. It’s sorta hard when most of our department’s classified people are paid from research grants…no state money. Why do they have to take a paycut when they are not costing the state any money. That leaves me, one of the only people paid from state monies…I must be a HUGE DRAIN on the system. I get the paycut. WooHoo! Go Team! (UPDATE: After going to the session yesterday afternoon, I discovered that all Classified will be taking furloughs, no matter what their funding is)

SO! It’s gonna be a picture day. 🙂

I’m growing 3 Tomatillo plants this year…isn’t this a great blossom?! I’ve never seen one before!

june23 001

june23 008

Lemon Queen sunflowers against the fence, 2 Horseradish up front, 2 pickling cucs on the left…the rest are blueberries, elderberries, and herbs.
june23 019

HOLLYHOCKS!!!!!! OH! I CAN NOT WAIT to see them!
june23 038

This is Gabe…my newest gargoyle. He giggles a lot hence the hands over the mouth and crossed legs (don’t want to piddle, you know!).
june23 029

Poppy pod ~ pretty, no?
june23 047

For Today ~ 23 June 2009 ~ The Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 23 June 2009

Outside My Window… Sunny, warm morning. More of the building going up behind my work…it’s a lot bigger than what we thought it was going to be! It’s amazing how fast a group of ~12 welders can put up a building!

I am thinking… I need to walk down to the south end of campus and pick-up some paper work. Better do it before it heats up.

I am thankful for… my job, my family, my house.

From the kitchen… Will be pork tacos…it’s Taco Tuesday! Usually it’s chicken tacos, but I have leftover country pork ribs that we BBQ’d on Sunday.

I am wearing… Blue jeans, navy short sleeved shirt, tennis shoes, and hair up in a ponytail.

I am creating… crotcheted cotton wash cloths and still working on my sister’s quilt.

I am going… beats me…can’t think of anything.

I am reading… Denis Leary’s Why We Suck…a Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid. 🙂 I’ve been snorting, chortling, and outright belly laughing.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… HVAC up on the roof, the office next door, the clanging of the building going up, beeping of the tonkas, someone is using the microwave.

Around the house… Bed sheets need to be washed, garden needs to be watered.

One of my favorite things… a good belly laugh…the type that makes your face hurt.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… not really sure.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… Lucy’s favorite napping place…in my shopping bags next to the front door.



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Sunflowers & other flowers ~ Sparks, Nevada ~ June 2009

I threw out a couple of packets of sunflower seeds up in the front corner of our lot…they’re coming up everywhere now. Here’s a picture of my first bloom ~ this plant actually has 20+ flowers that will be blooming on it!


The Lemon Queen “Three Sisters” are over 6′ tall now. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THEM BLOOMING!


The rest are flowers that are blooming around the front yard…





Remember “mini-burning man”?


Just me playing with photoscape ~ I love the “antique” filter.


Spicy Asian Noodles

I work at the University of Nevada…and we have many graduate students from around the world. The best thing about that is we have a wide variety of foods to sample! One of “my” students (am an administrative assistant that runs the department office) is from Indonesia and found out this week that I like spicy foods, so she brought in a noodle dish to share for lunch.

Below is her dish she brought in:

It’s a real simple recipe and is very “warm”…cleanses the old sinus and tastes great all at the same time! 🙂

One package of Chicken Ramen noodles. Boil the noodles. While the noodles are cooking sauté some eggs, chopped onion in a pan with some vegetable oil until tender. Add season packet, drained noodles and vegetables (she used carrots, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes), sliced chicken, and sliced Asian Chile pepper, seeds and all. You can see the pepper in the middle of the bowl (they come in dark green or red).

She had used chicken lunch meat, but last night I omited the lunch meat and had roasted chicken with the noodles as a side dish.

I used 2 packets of ramen noodles, two small crowns of broccoli, about a cup of itty-bitty baby carrots and a container of grape tomatoes. 3 Serrano chiles, one medium Vidalia onion, 4 eggs, and 3 splashes of low-sodium soy. I don’t think the serranos are as hot as the Asian chile peppers she had used, but it’s a very close second…warms the mouth, sweats the eye lids, but doesn’t drain the sinus. 🙂

Just a quick update:
I put noodles in a bowl and poured boiling water over them and then set them aside.

In a pan I cooked eggs, like an omelet and then cut them up. I then added some vegetable oil, the eggs, chopped onions and sliced chile peppers to sauté. I then added the veggies, season packet, and drained noodles, a splash of soy and tossed. Cover the pan for a 2-3 minutes to steam the veggies a bit.


Volunteer Catalpa Tree in Northern Nevada

We bought our house in September of 2006…and in the spring of 2007 I noticed a volunteer sprout of some sort between the fence and bloody junipers. I decided to let it grow…I knew it wasn’t an Elm and figured if I liked it, it could stay, if not…out it would come.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2008 that we finally figured out what it was. A Catalpa tree! There is a flowering one across the street. And there are those umbrella-like ones down the street. I thought for sure it died over the winter as it was just a stick until a month ago. And last week I knew we had one of the flowering Catalpas!

My wee Catalpa has one bunch of flowers…they are beautiful orchid-like flowers! And their scent is absolutely divine! I’d say the tree is between 7-8 feet tall now…not bad for almost 3 years old.

Wednesday Ramblings ~ 17 June 2009 ~ Sparks, Nevada

Just a Smörgåsbord of things today…lots of different pictures of things I took over the weekend.

Let’s start with Lucy-Goosey ~ she is much better, less stressed out, kennel cold over with. She’s a funny, funny, funny kitty. Eats like a horse. Me thinks we’ll have to start rationing out her food!

Leo is a bit blury…he was licking her face.

Hurry up and take my picture…

The Lemon Queen Sunflowers ~ these are part of the Great Sunflower Bee Project. This picture was taken over the weekend, they are over the top of the fence now, taller than me…I’m 5’4″ (no short jokes, please! 😛 )

A close-up of a soon-to-be sunflower.

The Chamomile is blooming…

The Blueberries are still green…

I’ve tomatoes bigger than the plant…had to string the plant up to support the buggers. These are the Siberian Red Heirloom tomatoes that I bought at the UNCE Master Gardener Plant sale in May. My other tomato plants are starting to bloom.

june14 034

This is Piggy…our neighbor’s cat that we are feeding for the summer while he’s away on a drill rig in Eastern Nevada. He’s a pretty cool cat…gives one hellacious head-butt.

My yellow onions are growing much faster than the red ones…

We got this cool dude at Goodwill…someone had welded him out of steel. Sorta has a Southwestern Predator look going for him. LOL! Soon he’ll be taking on all of the sunflowers growing around him.