There’s a New Resident at Sleepy Cat Hollow

and her name is Lucy!

The paper work from the Nevada Humane Society had the following:

Hi, my name is China. I am a spayed female Domestic SH. I am approximately 7 months old and I came to the shelter on 5/18/2009. 5.05 lbs.

Someone had taken the 2 year old I was looking at on 5/31/09…and my second choice was a kitty named Gizmo, but when I took the slip up I was told that here was a hold on her. I guess the owners had dropped off two kittens (they were 8-9 months old) and decided that they wanted one back, the one I wanted. So…one of the workers took me back into the dog part of the shelter where they were housing more cats. That’s where I saw Lucy…she was stressed out with a cold and on Clavamox, but I wanted her…she was an instant cuddle and purr when I picked her up.

I know I should have kept her away from Leo, but she’s been on the medication for 6 days and Leo was having a fit wanting to see what I brought into the house.

From that moment on Lucy followed Leo around like a puppy dog. She LOVES Leo.

I got her home about 4:30 pm on Friday…being that she had the cold and probably couldn’t smell all that well, I was told to feed her tuna or something extra stinky. She’d only drink water that night. I feed her tuna but she didn’t eat it. 😦 Saturday was the same thing. She drank but wouldn’t eat. I called the clinic at the Humane Society, but they were closed. At the grocery store I picked up a small can of Iams…found what I thought would be the stinkiest dead fishy smell there and opened it up for her when I got home.


I let her eat about a Tablespoon and then took it away…didn’t want her to get sick after not eating for so long! I fed her about every 2 hours after that. Now she won’t stop! LOL! Wee piggie! She likes chicken too…she’s a good begger for someone so young. πŸ™‚

Hurry up and settle down or I’ll give you the stink eye!

That’s better.

And this is how Miss Lucy holds her tail most of the time…

Straight up and flicking from side to side. She struts pretty well. And she does a very cute front leg two-step dance. πŸ™‚

***** The Nevada Humane Society is over-run with cats and kittens, folks! Not to mention dogs. June is $10 cat adoption & $40 dog adoption month (I don’t think really young kittens and puppies are included in that price) so if you can afford the upkeep, please drop by and find a new addition to your family! *****

19 thoughts on “There’s a New Resident at Sleepy Cat Hollow

  1. Lucy is beautiful!! I love all the pictures of her and Leo. It took no time at all for them to bond. That is good. Now you won’t have to worry about how they are getting along while you are at work. Congrats on your new kitty.

    Why are so many people giving away their “family members”??? 😦

  2. Gorgeous kitty! My cat Muffin (looks just like Leo) won’t give Mickey (my black cat…my dad is turning over in his grave, I just know it…huge black cat phobia lol) the time of day until they are outside lol. I’d have more cats if my husband would let me!


  3. How wonderful that Lucy found a new home with you and Leo! There’s a special place in Heaven for folks who adopt. I work for Iams, and if there’s anything we can do to help you with Lucy and Leo’s nutrition, just give us a call (800-525-4267).

    BTW–I LOVED the photos of your garden!

  4. Lucy is beautiful. Seeing her makes me miss my cat, Harley! We still have 2 dogs, a rabbit and 6 chickens. My husband is developing allergies, so we don’t plan to get any more cats. I love cats, but the shedding is so bad!

  5. Lucy is adorable! πŸ˜€ I’m so glad that she and Leo get along so well so you don’t have to worry about that while you’re working or away from home.

    Lucy and Leo look so cute together! πŸ˜€ Congratulations on getting your new kitty!

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