Wednesday Ramblings ~ 17 June 2009 ~ Sparks, Nevada

Just a Smörgåsbord of things today…lots of different pictures of things I took over the weekend.

Let’s start with Lucy-Goosey ~ she is much better, less stressed out, kennel cold over with. She’s a funny, funny, funny kitty. Eats like a horse. Me thinks we’ll have to start rationing out her food!

Leo is a bit blury…he was licking her face.

Hurry up and take my picture…

The Lemon Queen Sunflowers ~ these are part of the Great Sunflower Bee Project. This picture was taken over the weekend, they are over the top of the fence now, taller than me…I’m 5’4″ (no short jokes, please! 😛 )

A close-up of a soon-to-be sunflower.

The Chamomile is blooming…

The Blueberries are still green…

I’ve tomatoes bigger than the plant…had to string the plant up to support the buggers. These are the Siberian Red Heirloom tomatoes that I bought at the UNCE Master Gardener Plant sale in May. My other tomato plants are starting to bloom.

june14 034

This is Piggy…our neighbor’s cat that we are feeding for the summer while he’s away on a drill rig in Eastern Nevada. He’s a pretty cool cat…gives one hellacious head-butt.

My yellow onions are growing much faster than the red ones…

We got this cool dude at Goodwill…someone had welded him out of steel. Sorta has a Southwestern Predator look going for him. LOL! Soon he’ll be taking on all of the sunflowers growing around him.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday Ramblings ~ 17 June 2009 ~ Sparks, Nevada

  1. I’m 5’2, so you will hear no short jokes from me lol! One of my kitties, Muffin, has gone missing for 4 days, and I don’t think she will be coming back :(. Needless to say, I am a tad heartbroken… Good to hear the Miss Lucy is doing so well.

    I love your metal man!


  2. Hi Michelle! Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog and your photos. I’m starting a new feature on my blog this week–a weekly recommendation of blogs and sites that I’ve enjoyed–and your blog is on my premier list!

    Your kitties are beautiful! Hope Lucy is totally over her kennel cough.

  3. Your Ms. Lucy is looking good. Leo seems to be adjusting well to this beautiful little newcommer.

    I like that welded piece of artwork. Why can’t I find stuff like that here?

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