Volunteer Catalpa Tree in Northern Nevada

We bought our house in September of 2006…and in the spring of 2007 I noticed a volunteer sprout of some sort between the fence and bloody junipers. I decided to let it grow…I knew it wasn’t an Elm and figured if I liked it, it could stay, if not…out it would come.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2008 that we finally figured out what it was. A Catalpa tree! There is a flowering one across the street. And there are those umbrella-like ones down the street. I thought for sure it died over the winter as it was just a stick until a month ago. And last week I knew we had one of the flowering Catalpas!

My wee Catalpa has one bunch of flowers…they are beautiful orchid-like flowers! And their scent is absolutely divine! I’d say the tree is between 7-8 feet tall now…not bad for almost 3 years old.

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