More Pictures Today…

Taking a break from paper work to post some more pictures this afternoon.

Not sure if any of you are in the Great Sunflower Bee Project where you take a half-hour block and count how many bees visit your flowers…well, shoot…I have hundreds of bees that visit ALL FLIPPING DAY. I have honey bees, mason bees, and some wee bee (at least I think they’re bees) that visit my lavender, sunflowers, coreopsis, delphiniums. I should go document them I guess.


june14 014

Here is a white striped bee (?) with green eyes…it’s not fuzzy like another one I saw with the same colors.


And here is the wee bee, it really is 1/2 the size of the honey bee.


And FLUTTERBYS! We lots of flutterbys visiting the lavender right now…here is one of the Swallowtails that visited over the weekend.


The hollyhocks are very pretty now!


Coneflowers are starting to bloom too…