For Today ~ 30 July 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 30 July 2009

Outside My Window… With the pipes on top of the new building going up it sorta looks like the Titanic…stacks and all. Lots of welding and concrete going on out there. Blue sky. Hopefully we’ll get a chance of rain this afternoon. Going to be another hot day.

I am thinking… I don’t get paid enough. Too many people need their grubby hands on paper work and nothing gets done as it sits on someone’s desk. Everyone and their dog has to sign paper work. Just get it moving so I can do my job.

I am thankful for… cats purring while I hold them.

From the kitchen… Last night was a bbq pork salad with garlic toast. (had leftover pork loin to use up)…tonight? Not really sure.

I am wearing… Tan crop pants and a blue short sleeved knit top with boat shoes, no socks of course! 🙂

I am creating… Market Bags/Totes.

I am going… to try to control my temper. It’s been simmering and I’m getting near boiling point. MUST CONTROL FIST OF DEATH!


I am reading… Nothing. Been sewing at night then crawling into bed.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… The A/C kicking on (why don’t they open up the vents at night and draw in the cooler air instead of shutting everything off so I walk into a bloody furnance in the morning?! I just don’t understand the facilities here.) Lady next door moaning and groaning from slamming her big toe into the corner of her opened file cabinet. Coldroom alarm beeping.

Around the house… My garden needs to be watered. More weeds to pull.

One of my favorite things… Sitting on the bench in the evening, petting the neighbor’s cat that we’re feeding, while listening to the crickets.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… can’t think of any.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…



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Wednesday’s Ramblings ~ Pyramid Lake & Market Totes

Sunday my husband & I drove up to Pyramid Lake to go swimming and to just get out of town.

We drove a mile or so along the lake front until we settled on a really nice beach that had a VERY big sand shelf. You can walk out a long ways before it starts to slope down. The water was beautiful…nice and warm with a few cold pockets that made you yelp…they sneak up on you! Water was crystal-clear too…that’s not very often out there.

I stayed in the water most of the day swimming, floating, sitting…burnt my face with the water reflection. My eyes are still watering. The rest of me was tanned to begin with so I didn’t burn but a few places.

I’d tell you the name of the beach…but then I’d have to kill you. 🙂 Day passes are only $7…still a pretty good deal.

I made another Jane Market Tote bag last night…I used the Rise N’ Shine fabric line by Glenna Hailey for Maywood Studio.

I wasn’t going to put on the front pocket, but kept eyeing the chicken wire fabric. 🙂

This fabric is from the same line…it’ll be my next tote…I won’t be adding a pocket on this one.

Jane Market Bag

Over on the Posy Gets Cozy blog I found a pattern for Jane Market Bag.

I’ve been looking for a pattern to make a market tote to take to the grocery store as the handles of the paper bags that I’ve been reusing are starting to fall off. I went through the free patterns and didn’t see anything that caught my eye. I went through the pattern books at the fabric store and about died when I saw the $16 prices! HOLY COW! I did not know that is how much a pattern costs these days! Then I found the Jane Market Bag that was designed by Alicia Paulson of Posie: rosy little things. Paid $6 with paypal and was sent the pattern immediatly online.

Very clear easy to read directions with lots of pictures. Took me 2 hours to make one…that included the putzing around trying to figure out what fabric to use, read the directions, and cleaning my Janome (had sewed on my sister’s quilt earlier in the day).

Here’s the finished bag ~ it’s 8x11x13 (8″ deep x 11″ wide x 13″ height). Fabric line is Back Porch Bouquet by Bate & Taylor for Maywood Studio. I did not put on the front pocket, but seriously flirted with the idea of putting a pocket on the inside lining. Maybe next time. I used 100% cotton fabric for the main bag, and I’m pretty sure I used linen for the lining. Didn’t plan on that but while going through my pile of cream scraps I pulled the one that had enough to make the lining.

I plan on making a lot more for myself and some for gifts.

For Today ~ 24 July 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 24 July 2009

Outside My Window… Construction…they have the stairs in and are laying the metal down for the 4th floor. Blue sky. Looks like it will be another hot day.

I am thinking… It’s Friday again. None too soon either. Been somewhat depressed this week. Wish my husband would find work. I need to shut/lock the office for 2 hours so people can’t get in…put the phones to voice mail…and purge files. This place needs a good cleaning. I’m tired of people waiting for the last minute to do things, especially when it comes to people getting a pay check, and then expect me to do it yesterday.

I am thankful for… my job (well not today I’m not), my family, my house.

From the kitchen… I have some Hungarian peppers in the garden that are almost stuffing size. More beets to pickle.

I am wearing… Dark brown crop pants, tan t-shirt, and Betulas.

I am creating… nothing.

I am going… work on my sister’s quilt. Really and truly. I’m going to just turn on my ceiling fan, shut the door, put on some music and sew.

I am reading… I haven’t been reading the last few nights…BBC America has Torchwood: Children of Earth on every night this week. I LOVE Torchwood. Which reminds me, Dr. Who is new this Sunday night ~ Dr. Who: Planet of the Dead.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… Phone ringing, faculty pacing back and forth while talking on the phone, next door office, construction behind me, a/c just kicking on.

Around the house… My garden needs to be watered.

One of my favorite things… Quiet. No people around. I’m very content to be by myself most of the times.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… It’s Friday and the weekend is supposed to be in the 100’s…I’m going to hibernate and sew.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Dunluce Castle, Antrim County, Northern Ireland….the one place I want to go before I die.



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Ode to Lavender

Photographs taken by myself (I’ve lots of lavender in my front yard) with poems from my good friend April.


Roses are red, I’ve heard it said;
But lavender smells so sweet.
I sip as nicely as I can
And cling to my tasty treat.


The sun’s last setting rays
With lavender just aglow
Lets the cares all drift away
As evening starts to flow.

New Canning Cabinet ~ Thanks, Dad!

I bought myself a “new” cabinet that I put into the north facing enclosed porch…it’s housing all of my canning jars, jams & jellies (and soon to be veggies), and some of the older jars that I’ve gotten from mine and my husband’s grandmas.

There are 3 shelves…two with glass bottoms. There is a light in it too…only I have a really old house and there is only one outlet out there, umm two outlets. One in the icebox/laundry room and one next to the double cast iron sinks…both on the other side of the room. 😦

It’s missing the front glass panels, but the lady I got it from has them and I’ll pick them up next week when she gets back from the east coast. But I may find some metal/tin and punch a design in it like the old pie safes. It’s very blue…not sure what color I’ll repaint it. Seems I have a lot of sage green and jadite green in my kitchen area…maybe one of those. I’m fond of barn red too.

Pretty cool for $45, no?! A couple of ladies were rearranging their booth at a local antique mall and she wanted the cabinet out so she could put up a differernt display piece. I said MINE MINE MINE! My dad sent me some money for my upcoming birthday…this is what I bought myself! Had some leftover for dinner and margaritas at Chevy’s for my husband & I.

Hardware to hold the glass panes in…

Hinge hardware…I’m thinking of cleaning off the paint so the metal is showing…or painting ithem black.

For Today ~ 17 July 2009 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 17 July 2009

Outside My Window… Big building going up…guys taking a lunch break. Blue sky, no clouds. Smoke plume from a fire just north of us. A construction worker riding a concrete zamboni on the second floor of the new building…I did not know they had those! What a GREAT JOB! Well…second it a real zamboni driver.

I am thinking… It’s Friday. I want to go home. Not many people here today. I’m going to go post more recipes over at The Pioneer Woman’s new site ~ Tasty Kitchen

I am thankful for… my job, my family, my house.

From the kitchen… Absolutely nothing for tonight. I made up a “what would be good to throw into the pan with the sliced up porkchops” last night. (BTW…I found ramen noodles, low-sodium soy, broccoli, red bell pepper, garlic, onion, and a jalapeno) I have a FREE Birthday entree coupon for both Chevy’s and Qdoba. So maybe Mexican tonight! And let them wash dishes!

I am wearing… Tan crop pants, purple cotton blouse, and my pink/blue/green/yellow plaid keds.

I am creating… a list of ideas for Christmas gifts this year. I think I will need to make a couple of batches of cold processed soap. I may make a little recipe book too. Will need to dry more herbs this weekend, me thinks.

I am going… turn around and watch the welders for a while.

I am reading… Finished Denis Leary’s Why We Suck…a Feel Good Guide to Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid. Will pull something out of the stack of books next to my bed.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… Construction workers back to work after lunch. The A/C kicking in.

Around the house… weeding that needs to be done.

One of my favorite things… time spent in the library.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Sleep, go to a movie, sleep, water the garden, bowling.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

july 236

CRANBERRY SOUR CREAM MUFFINS posted by Motolinz. Pretty nice muffins! I made them up last night.


The Simple Woman is the original home of The Simple Woman's Daybook.

Tomatillos in the Garden ~ Sparks, Nevada

I love verde sauce…much more than rojo. So I planted four tomatillo plants that I bought at the UNCE Master Gardener plant sale in May. Three of the four took off, so I plucked the runt out of the garden. Good thing too as those tomatillos are getting pretty dang big!

They’ve been loaded with flowers…

Bees are loving ’em…like they’re loving all my plants this year.

And now lookie! I’ve green lanterns hanging from my plants. It’s amazing how excited I get over my garden…but we won’t go there.

Can’t wait for those husks to contain fat tomatillos!

Do you have a favorite tomatillo recipe? I’ll be googling to look for some recipes to try, especially ones for canning.

Weekend of Jam & Jelly Making

I had the pleasure of a weekend by myself! Husband went down to Carson City to a friends house to watch the extreme fight on PPV so I had from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon for just ME!

I decided to make some jams…had half a flat of blueberries from the farmer’s market to use up. Made Blueberry-Lemon jam, Blueberry Jam, Strawberry Daiquiri Jam (had a whole flat of frozen strawberries in the outside freezer), and then saw I had the makings for Jalapeno Pepper jelly, so I made it too. I’m starting my Christmas presents early. 🙂

Lucy kept me company while Leo slept upstairs most of the day.

I love the jalapeno jelly ~ very pretty (tasty too, I already started eating that one)…I used green jalapenos and an orange bell pepper. Recipe was simple, peppers, cider vinegar, sugar, and pectin.

Just used the water bath for the jams…

And read the whole instruction manual for my new canner ~ a 16 quart Presto Pressure Canner.

Can’t wait to try it out! I plan on canning stews/soups, veggies, salsas, and meats when they go on sale.

Garden Pictures For Today ~ Sparks, Nevada

Pictures today…it’s been one heck of a week here at work! Seems all I’m up for are picture postings. Sorry.

Maters! We ate our first garden tomatoes of the year! Red Siberians. Yum Yum YUMMMMMIE GOOD!


I’ve cucumbers growing! There are four plants throughout the yard…here are the Spacemasters.

I still think these wee bees (they are not honeybees, some other type or bee-like) are the cutest things…they were all tucked into the sunflower this morning. 🙂 NOTE: I talked to the beekeepers at the Nevada State Fair (8/26/09) and they said these guys are Native Bees!

The Lemon Queens are blooming! They are also over 8 feet tall! Holy Cow! I was finally able to submit data on the Lemon Queens to The Great Sunflower Bee Project. My other data submitted was for the honeybees on the lavender, russian sage, beebalm, and coneflowers.

Please look past the water stained windows (they are very very very old…like 70 years old) and instead gaze on the pretty jar with lavender buds and white vinegar. I’m making my own clothes softner/rinse.