My Growing Garden in Sparks, Nevada

Had an extra long Fourth of July weekend…yesterday I took the first of 12 unpaid furlough days. Spent yesterday in the garden, napping, crocheting, and bowling. I bowled a 121 my second game…was doing an Irish jig (if you knew my average was in the 80-90’s you’d do the jig right along with me! 🙂 )

Anyhoo…am going to post some pictures of my garden. Seems to be a bit slow this year, probably was all the cool weather we had earlier in June.

On Friday I picked some of my beets and onions to pickle them…wanted to take some up to Truckee area for the Fourth of July. I didn’t can them in a water bath…figured we’d eat most of them up so I just put them in the frig. With the leftover beet brine I made a variation of Dilly Beans with the green beans and some dill that I also picked Friday morning.

july 028

I have two heads of cabbage, I yanked about 4 other cabbage plants as I really didn’t have the room for them in the bed. They’re a nice size now…even have two recipes lined up for them.


Edna Mae's Escalloped Cabbage Recipe

The other recipe is from my Cooking from Amish Country book…I’ll bring the recipe tomorrow.

I’ve about 8 Brussels Sprout plants with these guys growing on ’em…


Peppers are setting on the plants…

Hungarian Stuffing Peppers

Hungarian Stuffing Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

Sweet Italian Peppers

Sweet Italian Peppers

Yellow Pickle Peppers

Yellow Pickle Peppers

Corn was knee high by the Fourth of July; will be picking the first of my heirloom maters this week!; Hearts of Gold cantaloupe growing well; grey squash finally setting on; have lots of different kinds of cucumbers growing; oodles of tomatillos; green bush beans have been producing well; yellow wax beans are coming along; I’ve onions and garlic ready to be picked; and I’ve already harvested quite a bit of the herbs, shared them with coworkers and have some up drying.

july 026

5 thoughts on “My Growing Garden in Sparks, Nevada

  1. Just stumbled into your blog! Your garden is lovely and I’m jealous. I didn’t have the energy to plant one this year. The Farmers Market is my new BFF this year. I’ll be sure to wander back soon!

  2. wow your garden is so nice! I live in vegas and was wondering if you could give me any pointers about growing cucumbers in this hot place. I’ve grown them from seeds and they seem to be wanting to start crawling up a vine now. but idk what to do as it is so hot outside and i think it will be too much for them. anything you can offer would be deeply appreciated, thank you!

    • Are they in the ground now? Or still inside? You can plant them in a large pot…they just need lots of room to roam. You can also give them lots of mulch to keep their roots cooler.

      I have Lemon, Spacemaster, and Homemade Pickle (sort of a country fair type) Cucumbers…and they are growing very well now in our 90-100 heat, but I’m watering them every day.

      Cucumbers needs are light, heat, moisture and a rich growing medium.

  3. Thank you for your reply, they are currently small and in a little 6-plant plastic grower. We have a bad chipmunk problem so I alternate them between inside and out (especially since it has been extremly windy here). Im going to transfer them soon into a larger pot (ceramic tan) so their roots have more room. Also, do you have any ideas about a lattice? Im thinking of cutting down a larde one so that I can place it into the transfer pot (making the whole thing portable) Thank you again.

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