New Canning Cabinet ~ Thanks, Dad!

I bought myself a “new” cabinet that I put into the north facing enclosed porch…it’s housing all of my canning jars, jams & jellies (and soon to be veggies), and some of the older jars that I’ve gotten from mine and my husband’s grandmas.

There are 3 shelves…two with glass bottoms. There is a light in it too…only I have a really old house and there is only one outlet out there, umm two outlets. One in the icebox/laundry room and one next to the double cast iron sinks…both on the other side of the room. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

It’s missing the front glass panels, but the lady I got it from has them and I’ll pick them up next week when she gets back from the east coast. But I may find some metal/tin and punch a design in it like the old pie safes. It’s very blue…not sure what color I’ll repaint it. Seems I have a lot of sage green and jadite green in my kitchen area…maybe one of those. I’m fond of barn red too.

Pretty cool for $45, no?! A couple of ladies were rearranging their booth at a local antique mall and she wanted the cabinet out so she could put up a differernt display piece. I said MINE MINE MINE! My dad sent me some money for my upcoming birthday…this is what I bought myself! Had some leftover for dinner and margaritas at Chevy’s for my husband & I.

Hardware to hold the glass panes in…

Hinge hardware…I’m thinking of cleaning off the paint so the metal is showing…or painting ithem black.

10 thoughts on “New Canning Cabinet ~ Thanks, Dad!

  1. It is perfect to display all your hard work. Beautiful!! Nice present from your Dad. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Happy birthday tomorrow!!

  2. I love your new cabinet!!

    My maters are “Better Boys”–I can’t wait until they are ripe, but I do love fried green tomatoes, too!!

    I will post my lapquilt soon!!

    Have a happy birthday!!!!! :o)


  3. Ooooooo I LOVE that!

    I think I’d vote for the barn red. What a neat contrast to the greens you mentioned.

    Some eyelet lace across the fronts of the shelves would look pretty too.

    Great way to store you canners too. I’m always shuffling mine around. What is that scoop looking thing hanging on the side? Is it a strainer?

    Sharon – who loves vintage kitchen stuff.

  4. Nice to meet you Sharon…I like your canning site. Will have to link to it.

    I’m leaning towards barn red for the new paint color. With black hardware.

    The scoop is a strainer. It was in a box that the masher/strainer/rice with wood pestle came in (it’s up there between the pressure canner and the stainless steel stock pot).

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