Wednesday’s Ramblings ~ Pyramid Lake & Market Totes

Sunday my husband & I drove up to Pyramid Lake to go swimming and to just get out of town.

We drove a mile or so along the lake front until we settled on a really nice beach that had a VERY big sand shelf. You can walk out a long ways before it starts to slope down. The water was beautiful…nice and warm with a few cold pockets that made you yelp…they sneak up on you! Water was crystal-clear too…that’s not very often out there.

I stayed in the water most of the day swimming, floating, sitting…burnt my face with the water reflection. My eyes are still watering. The rest of me was tanned to begin with so I didn’t burn but a few places.

I’d tell you the name of the beach…but then I’d have to kill you. 🙂 Day passes are only $7…still a pretty good deal.

I made another Jane Market Tote bag last night…I used the Rise N’ Shine fabric line by Glenna Hailey for Maywood Studio.

I wasn’t going to put on the front pocket, but kept eyeing the chicken wire fabric. 🙂

This fabric is from the same line…it’ll be my next tote…I won’t be adding a pocket on this one.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Ramblings ~ Pyramid Lake & Market Totes

  1. “I’d tell you the name of the beach…but then I’d have to kill you. ”

    It might be worth it…

    LOVE the tote!

  2. Nice and quiet and peaceful. Seems most people haven’t discovered this beach yet. You two about had it to yourselves.

    LOVE the chicken wire fabric. Perfect with the roosters. You should post your market bags with the rest of them on Flickr.

  3. Don’t make too many plans Saturday, as our relative that we didn’t know about until several months ago, Bill Sedlack will be in town in the morning. I’m getting old photos out of hiding to share.
    Love Mom

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