City of Sparks and Major Events Parking

I live in an old part of Sparks, Nevada and when the City holds major events like Fourth of July, Hot August Nights, Best of the West Rib Cook-Off, Christmas Parade, to name a few, my neighborhood is flooded with people wanting to park on our streets.

This is the sign in front of my house…

residential parking 1

I think there are only 2 houses on my street that actually have off-street parking, the rest of us park in the street. When we bought our house, the previous owners left four parking cones for our use during the big events. And up until this last weekend, all was fine.

When I came home on Friday I found all of the cones on our street gone ~ I was told by my next door neighbor that they were taken by the Sparks PD. I had groceries to unload and no where to park near my home. The Rib Cook-Off visitors had taken all of the street parking and parked in the alley too.

Sparks P.D. stated the cones are illegal and they picked all of them up in our neighborhood. A Sparks P.D. Sergeant also told me that “if indeed there is a sign in front of your house, it was probably put up illegally too. You can park in front of your house if you get there before anyone else.” Ohh…Really? Someone needs to tell the City of Sparks that they illegally put up some street signs then.

Here’s another “illegal” sign right down the street from me ~

residential parking 2

After getting nowhere with the PD, I called the Public Works Department. Left a message and one of the City Engineers called back. He was very nice and helpful ~ said the signs were put up when they designed Victorian Square. When they dead-ended our streets they put the Residential Parking Only signs up for us. But the City did not issue any means of permitting for the residents. He said we had two options ~ 1) we could call the police and have them tow the cars away, or 2) call our Councilwoman and ask for help.

I shot my email off to my councilwoman and will give her email out to my neighbors. Hopefully our neighborhood will be set up with Residential Zone Permits ~ otherwise be fore-warned…if you park in front of my house during special events, don’t be surprised if your car is gone when you wander back from Victorian Square.

4 thoughts on “City of Sparks and Major Events Parking

  1. Drives me nuts when people use our front yard as their parking spot, and I am a normally understanding person lol. I’m with Ms. Digipics…tow them suckers!!

  2. That sucks! You can’t use the cones but you’re supposed to have the space, grrr. Tow em and maybe they’ll learn to pay attention.

    The ribs were supper this year tho:)

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