Halloween Trick-O-Treat Bags

Was going through my fabric and noticed I had a lot of Halloween fabric scraps in one tub…so I pulled them out and started making Halloween Trick-o-Treat bags.

The first two I tried different sizes ~ but had settled on the smaller of the two. They are fully lined and have sturdy handles.

I’m making them with either a solid fabric or two fabrics ~ if using one fabric I just cut out 2 14×15 pieces and if using two fabrics I cut a 4 5×15 in one fabric and 2 5×15 in another.

Pretty soon I’ll have all of my scraps of fabric used up and lots of great Halloween bags made!

And with these cute bags ~ your little one will never have to say:


8 thoughts on “Halloween Trick-O-Treat Bags

  1. I love your halloween bags! They are so cute! What kid wouldn’t want to get one of those??

    You asked if I pieced the Wedding Ring quilt by hand or machine—I did it by machine…then handquilted to bind the layers together.


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