Craft in America ~ PBS

On Wednesday nights I usually watch Ghost Hunters but for some reason I clicked on PBS instead…am very glad I did!

CRAFT IN AMERICA ~ a journey to the artists, origins and techniques of American craft.

We have a deep sense of longing for the handmade. Perhaps because each of us, in our own way, has had a craft experience. Sometimes it’s an object passed down to us, or one that crosses our path, and connects us to others in traditions, heritage, and rituals.

Craft gives pleasure as well as function. It is inspirational as well as useful. It is the best representation of who we are as a culture. Craft is democratic. It is broad enough to accommodate anyone who makes something or appreciates the handmade. Craft is all around us. You’ll find it wherever you look – hiding in plain sight.

Craft in America offers you a place to explore these connections and to inspire your own creativity – through the PBS documentary series and this website. Join us on this voyage of discovery.

Last night my local PBS channel, KNPB, was showing Episode IV: Origins ~ “Craft traditions didn’t just appear, fully-formed and mature. Artists tie their work to early techniques and pass these practices on in a continuum of creativity”.

They showcased the following:

Jugtown Pottery in Seagrove, NC. The history of Jugtown and followed the main potters there now, Vernon & Pam Owens and their son Travis Owens.

Philip Simmons ~ a renowned blacksmith in Charleston, SC. Very fascinating! I love the iron work.

Teri Greeves ~ a beadwork artist, who is half Kiowa, and lives in Santa Fe, NM. I loved her story.

Jim Bassler ~ a weaver inspired by ethnic textiles, especially Central and South American.

Paul J. Stankard ~ a glass artist from Mantua, NJ. Using European lampwork techniques to form botanical paperweights. He even adds root systems to his flowers.

2 thoughts on “Craft in America ~ PBS

  1. I can’t believe I missed this! I’m a PBS addict… 😉

    No PBS in my basic cable at the inn last week though. Hopefully it’ll be re-broadcast!

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