Thursday’s Rambles…12 November 2009

Geez, it’s been a long time in between posts!

I’ve been busy here at work ~ I just moved our office to another building…then in about 6-7 months we will be moving again. Yee Haw!

At home I was making soy candles, earrings, and market totes for a small craft fair.

Spent Veteran’s Day up in Virginia City to watch the parade. Lots of people up there thanking our Veteran’s and current servicemen and women.

Have tomorrow off to go up to a cabin in the Sierra with my mom and sister for the weekend. Will be nice to get away for a couple of days. Should be some snow up there…it’s raining down here.

Just a small sampling of some of the earrings I made…next week I’ll get them up on etsy and maybe feebay.



About sleepycathollow

I'm Michelle and live in Northern Nevada ~ beautiful mix of high desert and the Sierra.
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4 Responses to Thursday’s Rambles…12 November 2009

  1. April says:

    Love ’em love ’em love ’em! You do good work, girlie!

  2. don_mae says:

    Very pretty!! Love your display cards. Did you make them or have them custom made?

  3. digipicsphotography says:

    Love your earrings! Esp. the middle pair in the 2nd photo.

    Now it’s time for you to learn to knit! hehehehehe! Posted some knitting tutorials on my blog for Donna and Nana. You might want to try it too. 🙂

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