Weekend in the Sierra Nevada ~ Shinneyboo Creek Cabins

Mom sprung for a girls-only weekend and rented a cabin at Shinneyboo Creek off of HWY 80. So on Friday Mom, my sister, and I packed the car and off we went.

I have been craving Popeye’s Chicken for a while now and asked if we could just blow into Auburn for lunch. We get there and it’s CLOSED! ACK! So we went over to the south side of the highway and ate at Ikeda’s.

Ok…back to Shinneyboo ~ here is our cabin we stayed in.

It came with a small fridge, microwave, coffee pot and hot water pot. Could have used a shelf unit above the microwave/table area. Definitely.

Nice size bathroom with a jetted tub…which we all used both nights! 🙂 And ahhh…note to self…don’t add too many bubbles and then turn on the jets!

The rest of the first floor is a queen size bed, small table with two chairs, and a propane standing stove.

Then there is the loft…where my sister and I slept…I’d show the other picture I had, but my sister would probably then post an embarrassing picture of me on her facebook page.

We hiked down to the South Yuba River (my sister and I) on Friday…pictures will be posted tomorrow…we lost the trail a couple of times. There was a bit of snow on the ground.

Saturday we got up and decided to drive to Sacramento…to visit the Lego store and find a Popeye’s to eat lunch at. We found both! The Lego store was WONDERFUL! A whole wall of lego parts! You take a large (or small) container and fill it up for a set price! And Thanks to a wonderful woman standing in line in front of me at Starbucks…she called her husband and he gave us directions to the nearest Popeye’s from Arden Fair Mall.

We just relaxed the rest of the time…crossword puzzles, books read, hemp necklaces made, doll clothes cut out, started crocheting scarf, and playing with legos.

5 thoughts on “Weekend in the Sierra Nevada ~ Shinneyboo Creek Cabins

  1. I like Ikeda’s. The nutmeg they add to the burgers took a little getting used to but the shakes are so good.

    The relaxing time sounds lovely and you must have had pretty surroundings up there, too.

  2. Note to daughter: Do not put bubbles in a jetted tub (especially if you turn on the jets!) I have the photo with just your face showing and the tub overflowing with bubbles….

  3. LOL at your mom’s note. My cousin and I discovered that when we were in our early teens, and testing out her mom’s new jetted tub. Not only, but since we couldn’t find proper bubble bath, we used dishwashing liquid LOL!

    I kept meaning to ask you about this trip. It looks so beautiful!!

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