Silver Maple Spoons by Moonlight Shenanigans

Over the weekend I went to the Magic of Santa craft fair at the Reno Livestock & Event Center…it’s on of our oldest craft fairs in the Reno area.

I found a booth called Moonlight Shenanigans, David Rully of Penn Valley, CA. He makes ergonomic wooden sppons, utensils, bowls, and flights of imagination….

I fondled most of his spoons and whatnots ( 🙂 ) hanging from the booth, before picking out my favorite two pieces…a Silver Maple spoon and a Maple spatula. Then came back for another spoon made of Silver Maple (thanks mom!). He had all types of utensils made of different woods. I walked around rubbing my new finds and no less than 5 people asked where I had gotten them…after taking them out of my hands to pet them too.

Each spoon is hand made from preminum grades of select dry hardwoods. Spoons are individually cut crom boards or tree limbs with a band saw, then rough shaped on a disc sander. The bowl is carved by hand then finished sanded. Each utensil is twice soaked in water, dried and sanded before a coating of olive oil is applied.

You can contact David via his email.

4 thoughts on “Silver Maple Spoons by Moonlight Shenanigans

  1. I love wooden utensils too, but what does it mean that they are “ergonomic”? I mean, I’ve seen an ergonomic keyboard for the computer, but an ergonomic spoon lol?


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