LOL Cats & Dogs…need a funny today?

Need a smile? Look no further…am posting some of the LOL Kittehs I’ve collected from icanhascheezburger?

This one is for my displaced Texan up in Michigan…

For Oreo and Donna….

I feel (and probably look like sometimes) this way now and again…

For my BIL….

And now for something completely different…this guy just makes me giggle everytime I see him on tv.

4 thoughts on “LOL Cats & Dogs…need a funny today?

  1. OMGosh! That is great!

    From LOLCat Bible Translation Project

    Proverbs 3:5
    5 Trust in teh Ceiling Cat wif all ur heartsez an trust not yurselves’ nolleges.
    6 In evwee wai aknollege teh Ceiling Cat an He sho yu how not to get losted and stuffz.
    7 If yu is skaird of making teh ceiling cat mad den yu not be ebil and dat b kool kthx
    8 it be gud for yu – make yu big strong kitteh like popeye!

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