New Digs…will be planning a new garden!

Well…we spent the weekend in our new digs. A nice rental on 1/3 acre north of Reno. The rent is almost half of what our mortgage was.

With Reno/Sparks job & housing market in the cellar, being a homeowner was no longer an option. Our house went from $240K to $139K in less than 3 years…and with a husband who was out of work for so long, we decided to let the house go. Kiss my Arse, Bank of America. Good riddance. You can have the alley-creepers that come into our FENCED yard to dig through our recycling bins and trash can, and the drug dealers that have moved into the neighborhood. And the church folks next-door that refuse to obey the Resident Parking only sign.

The only thing I will miss is my one-legged scrub jay. I hope he’ll find some peanuts nearby…he is such a sweet bird.

It’s a new year and God has been good to us. A new house on a third of an acre…that is flat and loaded with trees. Husband landed a full-time permanent job…that he actually likes. Health is good. The scrub jays in the new neighborhood have found my peanuts I’ve thrown out for them. The mockingbird has found the suet I’ve hung out. And all the wee birdies have found the new feeders. Leo and Lucy love the new place with all the windows. I love my new gas range in the kitchen.

I’m already laying out where the garden will go. I’m thinking 2 6×6 beds and 2 3×6 beds to start with…and a corn and pumpkin patch towards the back fence. I’m excited to see how the peach and plum tree will produce this year. Our landlord says the peaches are delicious. Will have to find more canning jars at yard sales!

I’ll post pictures soon…as soon as the pea soup fog goes away. Lord how I miss the sun!

6 thoughts on “New Digs…will be planning a new garden!

  1. I was wondering about that. With all the time and energy you spent making the old place your dream garden. Glad to hear you will have even more space to beautify. You have lots of good news in this post. Congrats!!

  2. Wonderful news!!! I can’t imagine getting a garden ready until at least April when we will hopefully see the last of the frost lol. Look forward to seeing what new goodies you put together this year!

  3. I am very happy to read about your good news. Always nice to see good things come from difficult ones. Gives me hope 🙂
    The closer it gets to planting season we will have to chat more about seeds. Congrats!

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