For Today ~ 29 January 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 29 January 2010

Outside My Window… Hold on…let me walk over to the window. Big sigh. The blue sky and sun we had yesterday is gone and replaced by…SURPRISE SURPRISE…grey. As much as we need the snow up in the mountains for our water supply…Thanks a bunch Gulf of Alaska! I’m sick and tired of your grey storms.

I am thinking… I wonder who else uses their dish washer as a big ole drying rack? We just moved into a new house with a dish washer, and I still wash by hand and use the dish washer to let them dry.

I am thankful for… my family and friends and two furry cats to cuddle with.

From the kitchen… Maybe nothing. I’d like to eat out. I’ve made dinner every night this week.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, and a fuzzy grey pull-over.

I am creating… a baby quilt. I found a really cute cheater panel with Over-all Bill on it, added a few borders and it’s turning out pretty cute. I’m also getting ready for a February craft challenge.

I am going… have to go buy more bird seed, peanuts and suet for the birdies.

I am reading… lately, just the newspaper.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one. (Keep fingers crossed and send up a prayer…my husband just started his second month of work, and still liking it!)

I am hearing… The ice machine, liquid nitrogen tank venting, Dave Matthews Band, me coughing.

Around the house… boxes still to be put away. Boxes of stuff to be taken to St. Vincent’s Thrift. Boxes of stuff to be thrown away. Ahhh…the joys of moving.


A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Quilt. Unpack. Hopefully get to my nephew’s birthday party.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Quilting on the new Threadbanger…such a cool name for a sewing machine.


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3 thoughts on “For Today ~ 29 January 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. I think you are very happy with your new machine !! I have the gown cut out ready to sew for Hannah B. See you at Nate’s BD.

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