Baby quilt finished…used the Threadbanger

I finished the baby quilt yesterday. After machine quilting by ‘stitch in the ditch’ with my new Janome “threadbanger” ~

I hand-stitched the binding on.

It was 50F and SUNNY yesterday in the Truckee Meadows and surrounding area, so I took the quilt, my silver tailor’s thimble, needle and thread and sat outside on the back porch to stitch the binding on.

Big sigh…it was a wonderous sunny day…I pretended to load up on natural vitamin D (not really sure you can do that in the winter up north)! It was nice to quilt, soak up the sun rays, and listen to the birds.

6 thoughts on “Baby quilt finished…used the Threadbanger

  1. It is only 9 outside today. I can only dream about getting to sit outside and feel the sun and those vitamins running through my veins! See why I have that attitude problem lol? Love your quilt btw!


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