For Today ~ 3 March 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 3 March 2010

Outside My Window… A bit of sun, cold, storm sitting on the Sierra, no snow yet! YEAH.

I am thinking… what an ass the provost is to even THINK about closing the College of Agriculture at UNR…sounds like he has an axe to grind.

I am thankful for… my job, even if this environment it stressful, to say the least.

From the kitchen… Not sure…last night was carnitas tacos, night before that was stuffed chicken…maybe just soup and grilled sandwiches.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, and a long-sleeved burgundy shirt, hair in ponytail.

I am creating… binding the Recess quilt. And have been thinking what I want to do with the Lila Tueller Eden fabric I have.

I am going… to disconnect someone’s liquid nitrogen tank from their freezer if someone from their lab does not come over and stop the bloody beeping alarm on it!

I am reading… Back to Basics Traditional Kitchen Wisdom ~ Techniques and Recipes for Living a Simpler, more Sustainable Life.

I am hoping… My constant wish ~ That everyone that is looking for a job, finds one.

I am hearing… The ice machine and Beep Beep Beeep BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP beep beeep beeep beep beeeeeeeep from a Liquid Nitrogen tank that is low.

Around the house… is a yard full of birds that I forgot to feed before I went to work. Sorry guys.

One of my favorite things… Sharing fabric finds with April… 😉 thank goodness for IM…LOOKIE AT WHAT I FOUND!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… not sure. Finished our taxes, will be finishing some quilts, go to the library, start some seeds for the garden.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
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2 thoughts on “For Today ~ 3 March 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Yeah, between the two of us, we are finding WAY too much fabric LOL!

    Must… stimulate… economy… 😉

    Kitty is too funny!

    I gotta start seeds too.

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