Mystery Quilt Finished

I finished binding my quilt entry to the Ben Franklin’s Mystery Quilt contest. The one that you had to make a 40×40 quilt incorporating the fabrics given to you along with any additional fabrics of your choice.

One thing I learnt while making this…if you’re going to add a border onto the back, you better make sure it’s the same as on the front! That way when you go to quilt you don’t have a line down the middle of your back border. (Quilting by sticth in the ditch…would not matter if I did it by free motion!)

Big Sigh. I’m learning. 🙂

For the top I used 9 crazy nine patches and four pinwheels, turned them on point and then added two borders. I used all of the fabric in the binding…as the back too. I kind of like the back more so than the front…simple and clean. Unfortunately…I goofed on the thin blue border. The front is 35×35 while the back is 35×34…and the finish size of the quilt is 37×37.

6 thoughts on “Mystery Quilt Finished

  1. You know how I feel about white and blue and green together – very very pretty! Great job, and I love the pieced border!

    You sure beat that deadline by a mile. 😉

  2. The quilt looks great!! That is so impressive how you got it done so quickly! I would still be working on an idea and then probably ended up with a patch work idea. I have a quilt that I have been working on now for oh ten years. I started it back when I was 13 or 14 and never have got it done!

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