Northern Nevada Rambles for Today ~ 16 March 2010

Over on Pioneer Woman she had a photography assignment…Cats. I saw one photo I liked so wanted to try it out ~ you can see the one I’m talking about, by Wendy Perry, she was a runner-up.

Here is Leo, my tabby-bengal, lounging in the afternoon sun at home yesterday…I call this Da Paw Series.

And one of Da Face…:)

My seeds that I started indoors have been sprouting…corn, leeks, onions, and pickling cucumbers are peeking up. No signs of the tomatoes yet, and I see one pepper just starting to sprout.

Ruby Queen Corn

Pickling Cucumbers

Sweet Yellow Onion

Sunday I was listening to a repeat of Saturday’s A Prairie Home Companion and had to pull over my car as I was laughing so hard at Garrison’s song Unfriended…it starts at 3:42. If you’re on Facebook you’ll love that song.

Been making a pincushion…I saw the idea from Quilts and More, Spring 2010. You can see it on the bottom right of the cover.

And now for something completely different…more of a rant than a ramble ~ What is up with the drivers that live in Sun Valley? I drive to work from the north end anywhere between 6:00-6:30 am, and I’m ALWAYS stuck behind folks doing 20-25 in the 35 mph zone…and 30 in the 45 mph zone. What is wrong with you guys?! And then there are the idiots that want to ride my arse! Can’t you see that NO ONE is moving very fast in front of me? Why must you feel the need to give me a colonoscopy?