Garden Seed Rambles ~ And Kitties

Am very happy…I came home to all but one of the heirloom tomatoes sprouting!

I planted the following maters ~ Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple, Caspian Pink, and Red Beefsteak (not sure if that one was an heirloom or not).

Tomato Sprouts on St. Patrick's Day

Here’s a picture of the Ruby corn and the Pickling cucs…you may be able to see a leek and onion in there too. πŸ™‚ Me thinks my corn might be more than knee high by the Fourth of July!

cucs and corn on St. Patrick's Day

I need to start the tomatillo seeds and for flowers…I want some oriental poppies. A coworker gave me some Renee’s Garden poppy seeds, Hungarian Breadseed, that will produce baking seeds. They are sooooo pretty!

I plan on stopping by the Garden Shop Nursery, that moved to the old Caughlin Ranch House on Mayberry & McCarran (the house that I’ve loved for about 30 years now), at lunch today to look at more seeds.

I love how Catherine at Quilt Obsession shares photos of her kitties every day…so here are my two critters (although I share lots of pictures of them).

Lcuy at the back sliding glass door

Lucy is our back door sentry…she guards that sliding glass door like her life depends on it. The fact that there are a whole backyard full of birds might have something to do with that. πŸ™‚

Leo watching the bird feeder.

8 thoughts on “Garden Seed Rambles ~ And Kitties

  1. Your cuke seedlings are TOO cute LOL!

    So are the furkids. πŸ˜‰

    My tomatoes were only seeded Monday, so a wee bit early, though I check frequently. ;-P

  2. I’m never sure when to do any kind of planting around here. Right now it is simply gorgeous…next week we are supposed to get snow :(.

    We got a new puppy yesterday :). I will be posting pics of the family as soon as I can get them all to hold still lol.

  3. Gorgeous beautiful kitties!! Beefsteak tomatoes are my absolute forever favourites — but it will be August or September before we see any of those in the stores around here.

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