Botanical Interests Seeds of Broomfield, CO

Well…I did not get any of Renee’s Garden seeds as there weren’t many there, but I found practically a whole wall full of the seeds that UNCE’s Master Gardeners use for the May Plant Sale ~ Botanical Interests, Inc.


Here is the list of seeds I bought from a local garden shop….Garden Shop Nursery.

Basil – Italian Genovese, Heirloom organic
Basil – Lime, Heirloom organic
Oregano – True Greek, Heirloom
Oregano – Common, Heirloom organic
Thyme – English, Heirloom
Savory – Summer, Heirloom
Dill – Bouquet, Heirloom organic (swallowtail flutterby stamp of approval)
Marjoram – Heirloom
Chamomile – German, Heirloom
Tomatillo – Toma Verde, Heirloom
Onion – Red Amposta
Poppy – Flanders, Heirloom
Poppy – Peony Double Blend, Heirloom
Poppy – Lauren’s Grape

Also bought a set of Artichoke Garlic – Inchelium Red from the Coleville Indian Reservation in Inchelium, WA. It states that they are have large blubs 3+ inches with 8-12 good size cloves. Mild, but lasting flavor, with a hint of hot! Dense cloves store well. Flavor can get stronger in storage. This vigorous soft-neck variety won a Rodale taste test of 20 garlic strains, named ‘Very Best of the Soft Necks’.

(I gave you a link to LocalHarvest because the seed company,, does not have any information for me to link to.)

Oooooh! Bees Seeds! EVERYONE should plant some of these!

Bee Happy Seeds
Cat Lovers Seed Collection
Flutterby Banquet Seed Collection
Deer Resistant Plants
Native North American Seeds

Just for fun, and since it’s so close to Easter! Gourd ~ Ornamental Nest Eggs ~ you can plant them now and have eggs to paint for next Easter!

NOTE TO SELF: Don’t start the corn indoors so early…me thinks I’m going to have ears of corn on those silly things when I get back from seeing King Tut this weekend!

3 thoughts on “Botanical Interests Seeds of Broomfield, CO

  1. My hubby asked me if I was going to kill some more plants this year. LOL! I guess I better hold off on getting any seeds. πŸ˜€

  2. I love the bees seeds! Great variety, so many pretties. Speaking of “pretties”, I’m reading through your list of seeds and going “Poppies!” in my head with an evil cackle. πŸ˜‰

    I can’t wait to see your garden all a-growin!

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