Weekend in San Francisco ~ Part I ~ Golden Gate Park

Got back from San Francisco last night around 7:30 pm…am sore and tired. We walked and walked and walked.

Arrived around noonish, checked into the Geary Parkway Motel on Geary between 12th & 11th. Nice clean room and the owners were nice enough, especially the wife. If we go back I’d ask for a top floor room so we wouldn’t have to listen to the circus animals that came in about 10:30 at night.

Walked over to 10th and then headed south to Golden Gate Park. I wanted to walk around the Japanese Tea Garden before our 3:30 pm enterence to King Tut at the de Young museum.

We walked around the Music Concourse before heading into the de Young.

The de Young Museum ~ Tutankhanmun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs.

Wasn’t allowed to take pictures so I pulled off three photos from the de Young’s site.

This dagger was absolutely beautiful…solid gold with inlays.

Death mask of Tuyu…the brown is thin linen that stuck to the mask. (her outer coffin was there too…very pretty!)

“The mask is made of several layers of coarse linen glued together and coated with plaster. The inside is bitumened, the exterior is gilt. The wig is long, lined, and with bands at the ends; it is secured round the top of the head by a broad fillet composed of a band of lotus petals with a lotus flower and two buds on the forehead.” –Percy E. Newberry, The Tomb of Iouiya and Touiyou.

When discovered by Davis and Quibell, the face of this beautiful mummy mask was partly obscured by remnants of Tuyu’s discolored linen shroud, which had probably gotten stuck to the gilded features by the oils and liquid resins used by the ancient priests to anoint the mummy. (Sections of this blackened adhering shroud still can be seen at the top and and along the sides of the wig.) Now cleaned, the lovely face of the youthful-appearing Lady Tuyu, Chantress of Hathor, Leader of the Harem of Amen, smiles back at us across a gulf of thirty-five centuries from what must be considered an undisputed masterpiece of ancient Egyptian portrait art.

The Scarab Pectoral that was probably worn by King Tutankhamun ~

Ok…tomorrow will be the Dutch Windmill and around the Presidio.

9 thoughts on “Weekend in San Francisco ~ Part I ~ Golden Gate Park

  1. The scarab is amazing! Wow…

    That tea garden looks so beautiful; I’d have had a hard time leaving there. Rhodendrons or azaleas in bloom… gorgeous!

  2. Wow, the Japanese tea garden is gorgeous. That bridge is awesome! I think the Egyptian museum would be great to visit. Looks like a wonderful trip to me!

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