Quilt Blocks ~ What I’m Working On

The same day that the quilt contest voting started at Ben Franklin Crafts…they called me up to say I won March’s quilt blocks! Woo Hoo!

Every month you buy what looks to be almost a 1/8 yard of fabric for 99 cents and make a quilt block. Then you bring it back in and your name is put into a basket. First day of the next month they draw a name.

Here are the blocks I won…

The fabric was that lime green floral one. Can you pick mine out? I’ll give you a hint…it’s the brightest one there! Me thinks I will take mine out and just use the other nine…put the not so bright purple one in the middle of them all.

Here is April’s fabric:

And here is my block so far…I um…hmmm…sorta ran out of the fabric before I could finish the block. All I need is 3″x3″! Sheesh.

11 thoughts on “Quilt Blocks ~ What I’m Working On

  1. Love your green quilt :). I got so exited this afternoon…Don found my sewing machine! On closer inspection, the foot pedal and power cord are missing :(. Very short lived excitement…

  2. Wow yours is so vibrant and creative compared to the others. I can’t wait to see what you do with the Jelly Beans. I have some surfer and Hawaiian fabric that I was going to make into pillows for the monkeys. Want it for a surf quilt?

  3. Is the lime green one going to be for Hannah? Her dad agreed (sort of) to let her have the lime green carpet…

  4. Hello folks….I hope you don’t mind my Peeping in to read and enjoy your posts and replies.

    Love the blocks but your’s really does “POP” and that design is fantastic….almost reminds me of the BRIDE’S BOUQUET that Eleanor Burns demonstrated on her video I have. Enjoy your color selections. I was trying to think of the names of each block…but scratching my knoggin’ right now…late, my head is full LOL…
    Many of my designs tend to be more masculine in color tones, perhaps also a reason why I like tea-dying many of my projects…to tone down the brightness, I usually save that for the ladies to enjoy LOL….

    Was hoping you might direct me to the meanings or names of the blocks that make up your Hubbie’s Hobo Quilt, sounds like something I might like to try myself….those 6 1/2″ blocks could sure use up some scraps…. In the meantime I will try to search for that Hobo quilt and perhaps learn the block names…
    Does your block work follow the original patterns for the Hobo Quilt, meaning are your blocks the same? Just wondering, if perhaps you may have added some of your own designs.
    This whole concept reminds me of the blocks of the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD Quilt, very interesting history that quilt design beholds in American Culture. I have learned alot about if from watching Eleanor Burn’s DVD.

    Thanks for allowing me to enjoy this….again my name is Ken and I hail from Sunny, sometimes toooo sunny lol Orlando, Fl.

    Thanks KEN

    PS: What a bummer about the lack of Jelly Bean fabric to finish…I always anymore buy a little bit more of something if I think I can’t find it again, hence the fact that I have SCADS of extra material as do MOST OF US QUILTERS to comfort the WHOLE ARMED FORCES lol…If I had any of that material, I’d certainly pass it on to you…..for the cause OF COURSE lol…..

    • Hello Ken,

      I have posts on the Hobo quilt…including the meaning of each of the Hobo Signs that were made into blocks.


      I’ve made the Underground Railroad quilt…while I loved the blocks…the history is quite off, and not entirely true.

      As for the Jelly Bean fabric…that’s what I get for trying to make a block that used up more than the given amount. LOL! It’s from a local craft/fabric store that cuts out a square for 99 cents and then you make a block, bring it back, and hope you win! You get all the blocks that were made by the other folks.

    • Sorry…didn’t see the other questions of the Hobo. I followed the patterns given in Debra’s book, but used fabrics from my stash. Left over fabrics from the Underground Railroad, and fabrics I’ve been collecting for the Dear Jane quilt. I looked at what she, the author, did and then picked out fabrics by lights, darks, and mediums. This was my first attempt at paper piecing…there were about 6 blocks that are paper pieced. I machine appliqued for the first time too. The only thing I did on my own, besides different fabrics, was the way I put the blocks together as a top. I have my design wall over my closet so I can sit on the bed and just stare at it…hoping that the blocks will let me know how they want to be put together.

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