Saturday Walk at Rancho San Rafael Park ~ May Day 2010

We had a pleasant surprise on Saturday at Rancho San Rafael Park…there was a kite festival going on! The High Sierra Family Kitefest (raising kites and raising awareness about child abuse prevention).

The place was packed, couldn’t find a place to park at our normal place near the museum, so we headed on up to the dog parking area. Lots of people out there with their dogs…who seemed to be enjoying all the kites in the air.

The upper section of the park was load with families that were flying small kites.

Some of the bigger kites ~ I loved the dragon and the purple octopus.

They had races for kids…

It was a perfect day for a walk and for flying a kite!

10 thoughts on “Saturday Walk at Rancho San Rafael Park ~ May Day 2010

  1. Hannah, Nathan and I were there too! We had one kite that started out really good, but the string got tangled up and the kids didn’t want to hang around while I untangled it.

  2. That looks like sooooo much fun!!! I am jealous. I would like the purple octopus πŸ™‚ For various reasons, it has nothing to do with the ocean. Not one little bit. Let me know how those zucchini pancakes turn out (lol)

  3. I got to go there with Nathan and Grandma Katie… Mommy’s Tigger kite was the one that twirled around before crashing. I had a striped kite that did do good flying, but to that kite, the wind was too low for it to fly… :c

  4. Well, I was here last year or something and didn’t know you could post comments…I was on grandmas computer and I saw the website loading so I decided to start posting on it… I really love those pictures of the kite race at Rancho San Rafel and the laptop… I’ve always wanted a laptop with designs on it but Momma and my Dad didn’t get me one:c They got me a plain old black one…

    How do you put a picture on your blog picture thingie?
    OH-WELL… Please put something down to answer this comment and question. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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