Monday’s Rambles ~ Birds, Computers, Dirt, and Cats

I’m so excited…soon I’ll have internet at home again. Just bought myself a new laptop ~ an HP Pavilion dv7-3160us entertainment notebook. I spent almost a month configuring computers on HP, Dell and Lenovo websites…but they kept creeping up to $1,300-$1,589! So I just said screw it…am going to Office Depot and get that computer on sale for $699. That leaves me funds to buy MS Office 2007 Enterprise WIN for $15.00 here on campus (or I can outright buy it for $95) and one year of internet. (I have a $1550 interest free loan).

I’m loving it…just have to wait for AT&T to send me my HSI…which is Wednesday. Luckily some guy somewhere near me has unsecure wireless that I was able to pick it up now and again over the weekend.

Had two visitors to my bird feeder out front yesterday! Black-headed Grosbeak…at first glance I thought the Rufus-sided Towhee came back, but then realized they had yellow tummies. Sorry about the pictures…some were taken through a very dirty window. That’s one of them behind the Robin.

Found Lucy in a corner of the dining room…she made a nest out of the newspapers…she loves those newspapers.

A Foxglove plant and some soil for the garden boxes that I picked up from Lowes. I was given a $20 gift card from a friend. Soon I’ll be planting.

Speaking of that friend…this is what she sent me in one of our group’s Spring Exchange. Thank you, Donna!

I finished putting together a Christmas quilt top-wall hanging for a coworker (she started paper piecing it in the 1990’s!)…the four blocks were already finished. What I did was put the two borders on, quilted and bound it.

Rest of the weekend was rounded out by going up to Virginia City for the Chili Cook-Off on Saturday. I think cookers need to make more than one pot of chili when going to cook-offs…we paid for tickets to taste the chili and most ran out before we could taste. We were there early too. Some had Chili Verde…which was much better than any of the regular chili (the verde was really really good!)…and one guys chili tasted like they just put a can of tomatoes with the juice into a pot. It was AWFUL!

They also had one of those dog competitions where they see how far they can jump into a pool. I saw one of our graduate students with her dog. Will have to see how she did on Sunday, as they qualified for the finals. There were two dogs (a black lab and a saint bernard) that wanted nothing to do with jumping off of the dock…they’d get to the edge and bark at their toy out in the water. Then they’d run down the steps and get up onto the ramp and gingerly get into the pool that way. Too funny. They all looked like they were having a great time.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Rambles ~ Birds, Computers, Dirt, and Cats

  1. Oh look at all the pretties! New pooter, colorful grosbeak, snoozy Lucy, lovely borders…

    Sorry the chili event wasn’t better; that stinks. 😦

  2. Hey!! Glad you like the stuff I sent you. I know how much you love to garden so I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a Lowe’s gift card.

    That was sweet of you to finish your coworker’s quilt. I like it.

    Have fun with your new computer.

  3. Just so you know I was stumped by the trees. I love the stars on the back of the quilt then again I love your quilts in general. I am in love with Lucy’s orange freckled ears 🙂 Congrats on the new computer darlin’!!!

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