First Post from Home ~ WHAT IS THIS BIRD??? Help Please!


I’ve a new computer and with no land-line at home, I now have HSI-wireless…very nice indeed!.  All I can say is it’s about time!

I need some help Id’ing a bird I just saw on a tree that I still have no clue as to what it is…so if you know the tree too, please give me a holler! Oh yes…I’m in Northern Nevada, just north of Reno/Sparks.

Maybe this pretty is a Warbler (of some sort), a Yellow-Throated Vireo, or an Oriole (Bullocks female?). What do you think? It’s about the size of a mockingbird. Yellow throat, chest, and rump…dark band on across eye. He/She was picking off buggies on the tree.

8 thoughts on “First Post from Home ~ WHAT IS THIS BIRD??? Help Please!

  1. Wow, beautiful! I was thinking something like a finch til you described his size… I dunno.

    Your backyard is like a whole new world LOL!

  2. Those are such gorgeous pictures!! I love yellow birds! What a treat in your backyard!

    p.s. I accidentally deleted my blog, so I started a new one! Please visit me there!

  3. Completely agree with the other commenters. (Is that a word? LOL!!) Those are awesome photos.

    Glad you are back on line from home.

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