For Today ~ 17 June 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 17 June 2010

Outside My Window… Sunshine! Wow! It was cold last night, had to bundle up my tomatoes and pepper plants. Me thinks we will be climbing back up into the mid-80’s today…from 60’s yesterday.

I am thinking… Spammer’s comments are too funny. “Cheers for publishing this it was used as a source for a paper I am currently writing for my thesis. Thanks!”…that was tacked onto a ‘simple woman’s daybook’ post. How stupid do they think we really are?!

I am thankful for… My friends…they are good listeners, and two will definitely help me hide the bodies should it come to that point in time. 🙂

From the kitchen… Not really sure tonight. Made a chicken salad last night…romaine, radishes, green onions, red pepper, avocado, grilled chicken.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, and short-sleaved burnt orange shirt, hair up in a ponytail.

I am creating… Absolutely nothing right now. Quilt blocks are on the design wall…been there for 2 weeks now. I miss my janome, but just don’t have desire. Very sad, indeed.

I am going… have to go to Office Depot at lunch today…I’ve let our paper supply dwindle to nothing. Time to get 4 cases of copy paper.

I am reading… Hobby Farm magazine and other people’s blogs. I need to find a good book to read.

I am hoping… that my shoulders will un-knot. I’m starting to feel light-headed from the lack of blood to my brain.

I am hearing… the voices in my head…they are extra loud lately, especially after finding out that instead of getting a real office in the new building, as promised, I will be put into the office hallway in cubicle hell.

Around the house… birds wondering why I haven’t feed them in a couple of days.

One of my favorite things… watching my garden grow. My potatoes are about to bloom!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… Plot against the person who is going to put me in a hallway.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…


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3 thoughts on “For Today ~ 17 June 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Your weather amazes me. A good book that i think you will like “Sewing Green-Betz White”. Also buy eggplant tomorrow at the farmers market 🙂 hint, hint.

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