Lookie at What I won!!!!

It’s been a very long weekend…started on Thrusday by having to have an upper-mid molar pulled and ready for an implant. Friday, Saturday, and today was spent moving most of our belongings to the new rental besides the Truckee River (big stuff is still left and won’t be moved until next weekend).

I’m sore, tired, and sometimes loopy on oxycodone…and now completely HAPPY!

One of my favorite redheads was having a Monday is for Giving Giveaway on her blog ~ TICKLED RED.

AND I WON THIS TIME!!!! A 3.5 quart Caribbean Blue Le Creuset stoneware bowl that was donated by CSN Stores.com! BEAUTIFUL! 🙂 THANKIES RED! I am SO HAPPY DANCING!

11 thoughts on “Lookie at What I won!!!!

    • No…those are just ‘monsters’ that I’ve attached to people who don’t have avatars. Like my Leo, April’s Shadow, Red’s redhead beach girl, and Sharon’s bowl of yarn.

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