For Today ~ 15 July 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 15 July 2010

Outside My Window… The makings of a 100F day…the first of three coming our way. UGH! My perfect weather window is 75F, sunny blue sky with puffy white clouds…with an occasional thunderstorm. With the trees in the autumn mode and flowers in the spring mode. 🙂

I am thinking… I need a very long vacation. Maybe even to a place where they can induce a coma, in an a/c room, hook me up to an IV…and let me sleep for a week. No worries of moving, making sure people are getting paid, budgets are set up right, travel requests are in, no seminars, no students, no faculty, no boxes. I’m also thinking that I still need to dig up my garden plants and put them in pots so I can take them to the new house. Just one more thing to stress over.

I am thankful for… A/C…now if only I had that at home.

From the kitchen… boxes. An empty frig.

I am wearing… Jeans, tennies, and short-sleaved brown shirt, hair up in a ponytail.

I am creating… Absolutely nothing right now. My fabric is in boxes, my machine is in one place with the cords in another.

I am going… to have lunch with my sister and her boss…then off to my old house (that I’m still moving from and cleaning) so we can pick up the old oak table. Mary (sister’s boss) is a wood worker and can use the 2″ thick wood. Can’t fit it into my new place…way too big.

I am reading… I dug out my copy of A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle (a recommendation of my friend, April) and started reading it. Before the move I finished Peter’s A Good Year, and LOVED it!

I am hoping… that my shoulders will un-knot. I have a horrendeous tension & sinus headache…am praying that goes away soon too.

I am hearing… the A/C…bless the facilities dudes for not turning it off.

Around the house… boxes. BoXeS. BOXES! And…um…MORE BOXES.

One of my favorite things… dreamless sleep…in a cool, dark, quiet room.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… move, clean, stress, try not to die from a heart attack.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… a take on one of my favorite movies:


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3 thoughts on “For Today ~ 15 July 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Okay, that LOLCat required a serious spew alert! That might be the funniest one I’ve ever seen. Say, did I ever THANK YOU for the subject DVD??

    Soon you will be settled; caught between two homes is so difficult!

    Glad you’re enjoying the book… it’s a good one for escaping, I think. 😉

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