Found My Sewing Machine…finally!

Finally was able to find all the parts to my sewing machine and sewing accesories…foot pedal, thread, light, iron and ironing board. Yesterday I had unpacked all of my fabric. Today I made something simple…curtains for the kitchen door and window.

Here’s a picture of the kitchen…facing north. The house was built in 1950…has green tile around the cast iron enamelled sink.

Here it is with a valance curtain…because I wanted the stripes to be vertical, the valance just fitted across the window, no scrunches. 😦 Oh well.

The kitchen door curtains…

Just for an owie factor…thought I’d show you what the rail in this photo did to the area above my left ankle. Just for your information, the rail won…I will have a divot in my leg from now on.

Sorta a before (left side) and after (right side) picture of the bruise…it’s dying down in color now, I should have taken a picture when it was bigger and more purple!

5 thoughts on “Found My Sewing Machine…finally!

  1. Great job! (The curtains, not the wound. 😉

    Your kitchen is set up so nicely… very cute. I love that color tile!

  2. Hey, I have lots of that fabric that you used in your kitchen. I may even have a curtain already made ’cause I made it up for my living room several years ago. And you know I don’t throw good fabric away!

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