Del Sol, Fun in the Sun ~ Pier 39, San Francisco

Well…I’ll save the other pictures of San Francisco until next week.

Instead I’m going to do a foo-foo post on Del Sol (Color Changing Fun in the Sun!) …favorite place for fingernail polish! 🙂

IT CHANGES COLORS IN THE SUN! Sooooo cool, so fun! Makes even the most level headed people flutter their fingers in front of their eyes “OH LOOKIE! How Purrrtie!”

Here’s a picture of all of the bottles I have now…it took me two trips down to Pier 39 over the weekend to find the shop (as I knew there was one there), came out with 5 new bottles and a free tote! They had a buy 3 get 1 free.

Colors I now have are Island Fever, Peek-a-Book, Beach Bum, Pretty in Pink, Electick! (favorite on the tootsies), Sassy, (2) Surfer Girl, Rock Star.

Here is the tote I picked out…choices were either the Cable Car or the Golden Gate Bridge. Took pictures of it in and out of the sun. Sorta all rumpled from me gripping it on the Rocket Boat ride. 🙂

I really want a pair of the new Board Shorts!!!

Me thinks I will have to take a trip up to Lake Tahoe…I see there is a shop up there too!

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