For Today ~ 18 August 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 18 August 2010

Outside My Window… Sunny, warm…BUT…it’s only going to be 90F today! Cool Down! Yeah right…I’ll be happy when the high is 65-70F…until then, bugger off! Oh yes…back to what is outside my window…folks walking in the door coming to work.

I am thinking… I really don’t want to be here at work. I’m going through that cycle where I go to work kicking and screaming…NO NO NO! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME GO! Big sigh. I want to work on my Ocean/Water quilt…I want to go to San Francisco…I want walk along the beach in the surf.

I am thankful for… all the pretty fabric in the world.

From the kitchen… Hopefully nothing! At least nothing that I have to make! I want to go out to eat tonight!

I am wearing… shorts, greyish brown t-shirt, barefoot (sandels are under the desk) and my hair down.

I am creating… my Water Baby quilt!

I am going… whine some more about being here at work and not at the oceanside.

I am reading… nothing at the moment.

I am hoping… that the Giants can pick up a few games from the Phillies! We will be knocked out of the Wild Card if they don’t!

I am hearing… the a/c and doors slam…sounds like someone else doesn’t want to be here!

Around the house… dead tomatillo plants. WAH!

One of my favorite things… Well…you know…that big blue-green wet thing on the west side of California? Yeah…that’s it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… mope and whine. Go out to lunch with my former boss. Continue sewing on my quilt.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

A pregame shot of Pac Bell (or AT&T) Park…from our seats at the August 1st game against the Dodgers.

OK! Had to add another picture after seeing Donna’s post about not many people at the game. August 1st game was a sell out crowd ~ here is a picture from the other side of the park looking up at our seats. We took a walkabout during the 7th Inning Stretch.


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6 thoughts on “For Today ~ 18 August 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. THAT is a great-looking ballpark! The Cincinnati Reds have the river in the background, but that’s really very cool!

    I wish you were on the beach, carrying ripe tomatillos, watching the Giants sweep the next few series, and sewing on your quilt too. 😉

  2. A beautiful park but so few people in the seats to enjoy it!!

    Wonder how many balls end up in the ocean? I can’t really judge the distance from the photo but it looks close by.

    • I took that picture BEFORE the game started!

      That game was SOLD OUT! The Dodgers were in town…always a sell out crowd! 🙂

      That’s McCovey Cove…where folks in kayaks paddle during the games hoping for a Splash Hit. There has been about 54 Splash Hits…most were Barry Bonds’. Andres Torres had the last one that I saw.

  3. LOL!! Just seeing your newly added photo of the sold out crowd.

    McCovey Cove, eh? And not the ocean. Ok, so what do I know!! 😀

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