The Evolution of the Ocean Quilt

The quilt I wanted to make for myself began with collecting blue and green fabrics ~ usually fat quarters here and there, with no design in mind ~ just the color scheme.

Then my friend, April, introduced me to Jane Brocket and her book ‘The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking’. HEY! Lookie there! On the front cover and on page 127 ~ The Swimming Pool! That’s pretty! I’ll do a quilt like that!

Then I saw Allison’s (of Cluck. Cluck. SEW.) quilt SEEING RED. You can see the finished quilt in this post.

OOOOH! I’ll make the blocks Half Square Triangles, instead of a square patch quilt!!!!

Which led to the following arrangements on the design wall…

To the FINAL design…shown two ways…the last picture being the direction I will use.

Still have to figure out the borders…Blue? Green? Both?

Here’s a close up of most of the fabrics in the quilt.

5 thoughts on “The Evolution of the Ocean Quilt

  1. Looking good and thanks for posting the link to the seeing red quilt, which I love. I’m very keen to do a quilt with HSTs and that one looks like it might be the go. That is…as soon as I’ve finished my current projects AND the other ones that are still just in my head. I need to spend more time sewing and less in fabric shops.

  2. I so love how this quilt is coming together! I could not agree more with your final layout scheme. It’s like infinity… drawing the eye to the center and just keeps moving. πŸ™‚

    For a border… one thought might be blues and greens done in alternating rectangles, or square – like ceramic tiles going round (with maybe narrow white strips separating the “tiles”.)

    Have fun! πŸ˜€

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