For Today ~ 18 August 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 18 August 2010

Outside My Window… Sunny, warm…BUT…it’s only going to be 90F today! Cool Down! Yeah right…I’ll be happy when the high is 65-70F…until then, bugger off! Oh yes…back to what is outside my window…folks walking in the door coming to work.

I am thinking… I really don’t want to be here at work. I’m going through that cycle where I go to work kicking and screaming…NO NO NO! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME GO! Big sigh. I want to work on my Ocean/Water quilt…I want to go to San Francisco…I want walk along the beach in the surf.

I am thankful for… all the pretty fabric in the world.

From the kitchen… Hopefully nothing! At least nothing that I have to make! I want to go out to eat tonight!

I am wearing… shorts, greyish brown t-shirt, barefoot (sandels are under the desk) and my hair down.

I am creating… my Water Baby quilt!

I am going… whine some more about being here at work and not at the oceanside.

I am reading… nothing at the moment.

I am hoping… that the Giants can pick up a few games from the Phillies! We will be knocked out of the Wild Card if they don’t!

I am hearing… the a/c and doors slam…sounds like someone else doesn’t want to be here!

Around the house… dead tomatillo plants. WAH!

One of my favorite things… Well…you know…that big blue-green wet thing on the west side of California? Yeah…that’s it!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… mope and whine. Go out to lunch with my former boss. Continue sewing on my quilt.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you…

A pregame shot of Pac Bell (or AT&T) Park…from our seats at the August 1st game against the Dodgers.

OK! Had to add another picture after seeing Donna’s post about not many people at the game. August 1st game was a sell out crowd ~ here is a picture from the other side of the park looking up at our seats. We took a walkabout during the 7th Inning Stretch.


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My Ocean Quilt ~ Half Square Triangles

Still not sure which way my Ocean quilt will ebb to…(I know, I know)…It’ll come to me sooner or later.

I really need to get my design wall up! Last night, in a pinch, I taped up some flannel I had.

Here are two ideas that I was playing with using the few pieces that I sewed yesterday evening while listening to Monday Night Football (FALL IS COMING!!! FALL IS COMING!!!).

I think I’m leaning towards the design in the first picture.

I’m just making a huge amount of half square triangles…taking 6″ squares, drawing a line down the middle of one, then sewing a 1/4″ seam down both sides of the line. Cut down the middle, press, and you have two 1/2 square triangles. Luckily a 1/4″ is right down the middle of the left side of the Janome’s walking foot!

Leo keeping me company while I sewed.

New Quilt in the Making…

It’s been a long hot summer…and it’s only mid August! UGH! I moved in July. Had a melt-down at work sometime before that….but I think that is happening about every other month now. Let’s just say I’ve been out of sorts lately.

But all will be well soon!

Yesterday I cut out 6″ squares out of at least 23 different fabrics in 1/4, 1/3, and 1/2 yards…also lots of white on white 6″ squares.

I cleaned my Janome’s bobbin area; put in a new needle; wound 4 bobbins of the thread I’ll be using; marked lines down the diagonal of the white squares!

I’m ready to start sewing tonight after I get off of work!

For Today ~ 09 August 2010 ~ Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY … 09 August 2010

Outside My Window… Sunny, no clouds, a bit hazy. Yesterday’s storms must have sparked some wildfires.

I am thinking… I want to go back to San Francisco until it starts to cool down here. I can’t believe I actually get to go see The Eagles when they come to town October 1st! My bum down to my left knee hurts…stupid sciatic nerve…started hurting on Saturday.

I am thankful for… the a/c here at work…even if it is giving me goosey bumps this morning.

From the kitchen… I bbq’d chicken last night and paired it with homemade tortillas and a salad of mango, avocado, red onion, tomato, a roasted poblano pepper, NM chile powder, cumin, and pepper (over a bed of romaine).

I am wearing… shorts, blue t-shirt, barefoot (sandels are under the desk) and my hair up in a ponytail.

I am creating… Nothing.

I am going… to walk down to Student Services and pick up the grade sheets.

I am reading… A Year in Provence and Country Living.

I am hoping… that autumn hurries up and gets here. We’ve had way too many 90+ degree days here.

I am hearing… the lawn mowers, ice machine, printer poster and the a/c.

Around the house… clean… needs vacuuming.

One of my favorite things… POPEYES CHICKEN! ONE JUST OPENED UP YESTERDAY IN SPARKS! OMGosh! I’m so excited! We used to have one on the corner of Moana & Kietzke, but that went away and we all cried. Took over 15 years…but we have another one! Thank you Luther Mack! Bless you! ;))

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week… take a day off so I can take my niece tubing down the river before she has to go back to school.

Here is a picture thought I’d share with you… The sky outside my front door after Saturday’s thunderstorm.


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Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette for Tomatoes and More!

After my most recent move, my garden plants that I dug up and put into pots are not doing the best…except for my herbs, they are doing wonderful. So…I’ve been buying heirloom tomatoes at the Farmers Market.

I want to share the vinaigrette that I’ve been making to drizzle over the tomatoes (and bread).

Cast of characters are:
(note– measurements are approximate, as I change it up each time I make it)

1/2 Cup Olive Oil
6-8 TBSP Balsamic Vinegar
4-6 cloves of garlic…I lean towards the 6 🙂
1/3 Cup Fresh Basil
1 TBSP Fresh Oregano
2 grabs of Sea Salt or Kosher Salt (probably about 1 tsp or more)
Fresh ground Pepper (I use the 3 peppercorn blend…and some black/red pepper)…and lots of it! 🙂

I use my small chopper/blender….mince the garlic, add chopped up herbs, add salt and pepper, vinegar, then olive oil….blend like crazy.

Drizzle over sliced tomatoes or some very good bread!

It’s good over pork chops…rice…bread and cheese…the list goes on! ENJOY!

Del Sol, Fun in the Sun ~ Pier 39, San Francisco

Well…I’ll save the other pictures of San Francisco until next week.

Instead I’m going to do a foo-foo post on Del Sol (Color Changing Fun in the Sun!) …favorite place for fingernail polish! 🙂

IT CHANGES COLORS IN THE SUN! Sooooo cool, so fun! Makes even the most level headed people flutter their fingers in front of their eyes “OH LOOKIE! How Purrrtie!”

Here’s a picture of all of the bottles I have now…it took me two trips down to Pier 39 over the weekend to find the shop (as I knew there was one there), came out with 5 new bottles and a free tote! They had a buy 3 get 1 free.

Colors I now have are Island Fever, Peek-a-Book, Beach Bum, Pretty in Pink, Electick! (favorite on the tootsies), Sassy, (2) Surfer Girl, Rock Star.

Here is the tote I picked out…choices were either the Cable Car or the Golden Gate Bridge. Took pictures of it in and out of the sun. Sorta all rumpled from me gripping it on the Rocket Boat ride. 🙂

I really want a pair of the new Board Shorts!!!

Me thinks I will have to take a trip up to Lake Tahoe…I see there is a shop up there too!

Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco ~ 31 July 2010

After checking into The Wharf Inn, we wandered down to the wharf to walk around and find something to eat for dinner.

Bubba Gump’s had an hour and 20 minute wait for dinner so we checked out Neptunes and then wandered over to Sea Lion Cafe where we will NEVER eat again…ever. The service stunk and we were charged full price for a dinner that they couldn’t even produce! We ordered the sourdough bowl of Clam Chowder with Caesar Salad…sorry, we are out of sourdough bowls. So a small cup of chowder came with the salad…what probably should have been $8.95 (lunch price) was charge at $13.95! Took 37 minutes from the time we asked for our check to actually receiving it.

Only good thing about our dinner was watching the sea lions.

And the view of the sunset…

Tomorrow’s post…ROCKET BOAT! Oh yeah…the Giants & Dodgers game. 🙂