Autumn at Starbucks


#1…I HATE coffee.

#2…I LOVE pumpkin.

#3…I LOVE Starbucks Milk Steamers.

#4…I LOVE AUTUMN at Starbucks!

#5…I can’t wait until the gingerbread arrives!!!

#6…I can’t juggle two boxes, my tote, breakfast, my steamer AND try to get my cardkey out of my jean’s pocket! But…licking the milk off of my hand was tasty, to say the least.

4 thoughts on “Autumn at Starbucks

  1. I love coffee. But NOT that designer stuff at Starbuck’s!!

    Have had only one cup from there and it was a gift from a lady at work (when I was working). It was so strong I got a buzz and was acting silly and out of it for hours. 😀

    I can’t afford it even if I did like their coffee.

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