Lattin & Workman’s Farms ~ Fallon, Nevada

Posting a few pictures of my drive to Fallon ~ stopped off at Lattin Farm, bowled two games (a 137, which was a VERY abnormal game for me…cuz wait for it! My next game was much more normal…72), then I stopped at Workman’s Farms for a pumpkin. As much as I like Lattin’s Farm…they were way too busy and I couldn’t get anyone to tell me how much the pumpkins were. Workman’s has them 2 or $5 or a VERY LARGE one for $5. I’ll be going back out there…as when I went inside to pay for my pumpkin I spied FABRIC! Lots and lots of pretty fabric! Back to Lattin’s…you can make scarecrows for $5 and take them home with you. Corn Maze. You can get a discount online if you google them. BBQ’s. Pick your own berries and pumpkins. They still have maters on the vines. Critters to feed. Kids to whip around dragging behind an atv/tractor. Hayrides out to the pumpkin patch.

5 thoughts on “Lattin & Workman’s Farms ~ Fallon, Nevada

  1. When you go next time could you pick up a couple (maybe 3) of jars of Harvest Golds jam for me please. Lynn said it is supposed to be very good. She suggested I take a jar to New Orleans. She doubts that Chef Besh has tasted it.

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