2010 WORLD CHAMPS!!!! Congrats SF Giants!!! :)

WooooWeee! I’m pretty sure my friend, April, in Michigan heard me on Wilson’s last strike out! And I heard her! Thankies for staying up with me, girlie!

I love these guys! Every single one of them! The thing I love the most about them? Not one of them is a Barry Bonds! THEY ARE A BUNCH OF UNIQUE, QUIRKY, LOVEABLE INDIVIDUALS THAT PLAY AS A TEAM OF ONE! Thank you Brian Sabean & Bruce Bochy!

Congrats Edgar on MVP!

Thanks for a wonderful season! Can’t wait for the parade on Wednesday!

PS: I can’t WAIT to see Rob Schneider, run around North Beach in nothing but a SF Giants RALLY thong and a FEAR THE BEARD! I heard him tell F.P. Santangelo, on CSN Bay Area Sports, that if the Giants win…that is what he was going to do!

(photos from online: getty & associated press)

5 thoughts on “2010 WORLD CHAMPS!!!! Congrats SF Giants!!! :)

  1. Those guys were SO awesome! I mean, it’s not like me to root for the NL side, but once I got familiar with them through you, they were just irresistible. Not a diva in the bunch (and plenty of hotties LOL!)

    Brian Sabean, what a terrific job – folks wondering why he was banking on pitchers and not investing so heavily in hitters. THIS is why! And Bochy… definitely the Chessmaster.

    Congrats girlie!

    P.S. I need to get some Giants clothing…

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