Charm Bracelets

Over Christmas break my niece and I hit a few spots where I gave her some money to buy something for herself (Nevada Museum of Art and Reno Bead Shop)…she picked out a few charms and asked me to make her a charm bracelet.

Yesterday was a furlough day, so I figured I’d make her bracelet…sorry about the qualtity of the pictures, it was early morning and I didn’t quite have the right lighting.

She picked out a Yin Yang, Frog, Sun, Dragon, Football Helmet (Minnesota Vikings), Plane (trip to New Orleans), Peace Sign (because she’s that kind of girl! 🙂 ), Butterfly, and Dog. I found a dog that looked more like her Kona, an H (for Hannah), a Seahorse, a different Peace Sign (not so large and with a green crystal in it), and a fleur-de-lis (for her upcoming trip to New Orleans!). I chose a silver toggle with greenish moonstone crystals around it. I left some room for any new charms that she finds in New Orleans.

Then I pulled out my charm bracelet that I had when I was a kid! Not a lot on there, I think it was started at an earlier age than Hannahs. I have the following silver and ivory charms on mine: San Francisco Cable Car, an Ivory fish from Alaska, (missing is a movie camera from Universal Studios), a Japanese character from SF Japanese Tea Garden, Disneyland Castle, an Alaskan Cache, Mt. Rushmore, McKinley Park, Crazy Horse, Pack Burro from Calico Ghost Town.

I may have to make myself a new bracelet and start adding more charms!

5 thoughts on “Charm Bracelets

  1. Your McKinley Park charm is a collectors item as it is no longer called that. I completely forgot that we were doing that. I still have mine with things on it from New Orleans 45 years ago…

  2. Hannah is going to love her bracelet. She did a great job picking out her charms. They all have meaning and are special to her.

    Your post reminded me of a charm bracelet I used to wear in the 70’s. I’ll have to find it. It was loaded with stuff and made such a racket when I worn it, after an hour of clanging and banging against the desk, I would take it off.

    Maybe I’ll do a post about mine. Thanks!! (I am always on the lookout for new topics to blog about.)

  3. Your post reminded me that I have an old silver charm bracelet that my aunt got me when I was 16 (back in the dark ages). I’ve added to it over the years. I wear it on occassion. Thanks for the memories.

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