IT’S FRIDAY! ~ 28 January 2011

OMGosh…It’s been a really bad month here at work, super busy, neverending, lots of WTF?!, lots of needy people. 🙂 Good thing there is Sierra Nevada IPA at home in the frig. Actually…after hearing what April & Chris are having for dinner tonight, a margarita sorta sounds really good at the moment….hmmmmmm.

Pinwheel Quilt Update:

~ Pinwheel Check List: 121 pinwheels made and sewn into a quilt top. 2.5″ border sewn around pinwheels. Purple binding made and ready. Backing sewn to right size. Work table in basement cleared to commence sandwiching!

10 thoughts on “IT’S FRIDAY! ~ 28 January 2011

  1. I sure do love how your thread holder looks next to your 301!

    Good news: I figured out what to do for the backing and border. Bad news: I haven’t the fabrics to complete either one.

    So, all is on order, but no sandwiching this weekend. At least I can finish the top though.

    P.S. The margaritas were yummy. 😀

  2. Can you post a photo of how you prepare your quilt sandwich please. I’m still working out a good method – I don’t have a non-carpeted floor with enough space for a quilt and I’m a bit worried about putting scratch marks in my (not very big) dining table. I heard of one lady who uses corsage pins to pin the backing into the carpet to keep it even. That’s an interesting idea but I need to hunt down some corsage pins before I try it. Good luck with it anyway and look forward to your next progress report.

    • Hi there! Well…I decided to try spray basting for the first time! I first taped down the backing to the table then sandwiched like usual. I then pulled back the top and sprayed both the top and the batting (about 12″), waited for 3-4 minutes, then put back down and smoothed out from the center out. Sprayed 12″ more and smoothed out…continued until all the quilt top was attached to the batting. Then I flipped and did the same thing to the backing. I stopped off at Windy Moon Quilts, my favorite local quilt store, and Sue suggested using Sullivan’s Spray Basting. It’s a pink & white can. Using King Tut’s 40/3 cotton thread for machine quilting…going to try FMQ on my Singer 301.

      • Oh wow!! FMQ on your Singer 301. I’m impressed and can’t wait to see the results.

        Thanks for the detailed reply. I’ve been thinking about trying trying spray basting, but resisting a little because it seems such a long way from how our grandmothers would have done it. Still not sure…

  3. I’ve been resisting because I don’t like sticky sprays, but this sure is tempting me to try.

    As far as the tradition factor, I figure… our foremothers didn’t stick to handsewing after the first treadles appeared, didn’t stick to treadles after the first electric machines came out, and so on. Women are lucky enough to have it both ways… I love traditional sewing on my old Singers as well, and also handsewing on quilts, but my electronic Elna brings me lots of happiness too. And in general, we’re smart enough to not work harder than necessary… unless we want to. LOL!

    So glad this is working out for you…

    • Amen! My Great-Grandma’s loved their treadles…I have two of their quilts that were sewn on them.

      I love that Singer 301…and I absolutely adored my Janome 6500 (tearing up for my loss).

      Took me many years to “give in” using the spray basting, and I am glad I took the plunge. Definitely a useful tool.

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