Quilting Woes…a few tears over my pinwheels

Stupid Pinwheels…

Well, me thinks I made a mistake in the way I’m quilting the Pinwheels. It’s not horrible, but not good, either. Big sigh.

The Singer 301 is an awesome machine, but it’s not what I should be using for FMQ. I can do a nice wavy curve, which is what I should have stuck to and not tried to do tighter curves. It was actually going fine until I tried to tighten the curves. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK! And it doesn’t help that I don’t have a big enough space to spread out.

So…am going to try to take a deep breath and muddle on. Just keep reminding myself that it won’t look awful once it’s washed and dried….I don’t wash my material before hand, I like the old “pucker” look to the quilts after the wash/dry cycle.

UPDATE: 2 Feb 2011 – You all can check out the comment section for the reasons…but I’m packing this one up and not even going to bind it. Moving onto the next quilt. Lessons learnt: 1. I can’t FMQ on a Singer 301 (maybe some can, but I can’t!). 2. 100% spray basting did not work for me. I think I will use it again, but also use safety pins about every 12″ or so. 3. Stop while you are ahead and stop making it worse! 🙂 4. Ya’ll are invited over for some tequila…I can make it into a margarita if you so choose! 😀